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How to Wear a Wristwatch

A wristwatch is a small timepiece which was made to be worn on a wrist and attached by a watch strap or other types of bracelets. The first rule is to match your watch to your shoes. Although, not many people still follow this because of flexibility in styles and fashion, it will be better to wear a dress watch when you wear dress shoes. Also, a sports watch will go better with a pair of sneakers, and casual outfits will go well with casual everyday wrist watches. Also, there is no correct arm to wear your watch on. You can decide to wear your watch on your left wrist or right wrist, it all depends on which wrist is most comfortable and where you watch won't get in the way of your movement or activities. Most times, people choose to wear their watches in their non-dominant wrist. Moreover, a watch should be comfortable; it should not be worn to tightly to leave imprints on your wrist. Women's watches can also be worn snugly or loose around the wrist like the form of a bracelet. Also, make sure to wear your wristwatch beside you wrist bone ensuring that the face sits right next to the bone on the outside of the wrist. When wearing a long sleeve shirt, don't wear your watch on top of your shirt cuff.

How to Buy a Wristwatch

There are many steps involved when it comes to buying a wristwatch. The first thing to look out for is deciding what kind of watch you want to get. Will you be getting an analog wristwatch, a digital wristwatch or any other kind? Also, you will have to find out if you prefer to get a watch with a metal band, rubber band or any other type of band. After making the above choices, the next step will be to determine your budget. Budgeting is very important when getting wristwatches because it acts as a guide throughout your shopping experience. Once you are done with making a budget, you can now decide on all other features you need that fall in the range of the budget you have set aside. Moreover, another thing to note is getting a watch that is durable. Carrying out a research about brands and other tips is a sure way to getting a good, durable watch. Also, getting these watches from trusted dealers and stores will lower your chances of buying a fake watch. On a higher budget, brands like Rolex, Rado, Tag Heuer amongst others, offer durable and high quality wristwatches while on a lower budget, brands like Casio, Seiko, Orient, Swatch amongst others, offer high quality, durable wristwatches.
Also, ensure to check for water resistance level before you get a wristwatch especially if you are the type that hardly takes off yours. Water resistant watches have markings for meters. If you are looking to get these watches, then you do not have any business checking out watches without meter markings. Another important thing to consider is battery life. Digital watches offer much longer battery lives. You can also get an automatic watch which automatically winds itself.

Where to Buy Affordable Women's Watches

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