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Women's Necklaces - (68 products found)

Get your Women's necklaces for every outfit and occasion here on Jumia

Every woman seeks that special item of jewellery to add a finishing touch to her outfit. The neckline is a crucial zone, and the necklace that a woman chooses says much about her personality. Jumia women's necklaces are the most eye-catching, exciting products in fashion jewellery, with designs for every season and occasion. Each piece is fashioned with care, not least the ultramodern Rivet necklaces that feature colourful, triangular beads on a simple chain. The imitation pearl collar is beautiful to look at and classical in form, designed for the most special of occasions. Meanwhile, the witty range of owl pendants are guaranteed to draw smiles as much as admiring glances from friends, with their large, dark eyes and bodies studded with colourful, semiprecious stones. Order one of our wonderful necklaces today

Our necklaces for women never stay in stock for long and no wonder, because they all make great gifts. The Glasses necklace, featuring a witty spectacle pendant, will lend a touch of secretarial sobriety to the grown-up woman. Young girls will warm to the Doll necklace while teenagers will love the Lips necklace, made of black beads with a pendant of pink lips and studded with a diamond. The elegant HOOP Statement necklace is fashioned from alternating beads of snakeskin panels and filigreed, golden pebbles. This piece will work to great effect when worn with a plain, dark blouse or dress. Several of the necklaces come with matching earrings, like the classy George 3 Flowers necklace, another reason to make one of our women's necklaces your gift of choice.