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Here on Jumia we have a fine selection of women's trousers to suit every shape and size. Whether you are looking for a casual pair of trousers or something more dressy, we have lots for you to choose from. There is a wide selection of jeans and leggings for you to look at or you can even check out the ever popular fashion trend of pantaloons and harem trousers, which is becoming increasingly popular with the younger woman and more mature ladies. Jumia has some fabulous fabrics, which compliment your figure to make you feel comfortable as well as stylish.
As no two women are the same, we have a wide range of fashion trousers for you to look at. Slim leg trousers to enhance those slender legs, to give you that model look. Team up with a pair of heels and away you go. Lycra leggings for that work out at the gym or a pair of wide leg trousers for that party after work. The selection is endless at very reasonable affordable prices, so why not shop on Jumia? There's sure to be something for you! If you like the casual comfortable look, then why not opt for a pair of chinos, we have varying colours for you to choose from. Or are you the party type and like to stand out from the crowd? If that's you, then take a look at our union jack leggings or our pair of frayed edged leggings. Whatever you choose, we are sure that you will be happy with your purchase and will want to return again and again.