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Jumpsuits and How to Choose the Right Romper for your Body Shape

Jumpsuits also called romper are a piece of clothing that has both top and bottom in one piece. During the futuristic period, the first jumpsuit was designed by Florentine Thayat in 1919. It was a symbol of liberation during this time. This fashion piece later became popular among skydivers and aviators and also served as a go to piece for the working class women during the war. In 1960s, YSL and Norman Kamali revived jumpsuit. Jumpsuits are versatile and come in different style and print from wrap long sleeve to off shoulder. The popular design for this fashion piece is a top attached to a trouser or shorts with a cinched waist. Although many women love to rock this fashion piece including young ladies and kids, not all can wear it and look stylish and comfortable. Finding the perfect jumpsuit that suit your body type is important to achieve the smart and sophisticated look every woman desire. Below are tips to finding a jumpsuit that flatters your body.

Purchase the Right Length
Like most fashion pieces, rompers come in various lengths, sleeves and sizes. For lengths, if you are tall, you can rock sweeping or floor-length jumpsuits. If you are petite, go, for the above the knee rompers. If you have arms worth flaunting, rock it in halters, sleeveless and tube top styles. Long-sleeved are a great option for hiding the not so good arms and they can also be classic piece.

Opt for Solid Colors
When confused about what colour suit you best, choose solid color jumpsuits because they are flattery and look great on every woman. The continuous silhouette created by the single color lengthens the body, and creates a flattering profile. Small prints, a few splashes of color, or color-blocked jumpsuits can also be acceptable if done in moderation.

Get the Perfect Fit and Size
In fashion, getting the right fit is essential especially with rompers. Ill-fitted jumpsuits can make you look sloppy and tacky. Tight fitted ones will highlight your less perfect features. For comfort, choose rompers with loose or draped fabrics. To flaunt your back side, opt for the ones that are clingy around the waist.

Formal or Casual Events? Choose Right
Rompers are great for its versatility; this means that they can fit any occasion both casual and formal - to the beach, club, friends hang out, and church, wedding and even to red carpet events. Soft cotton, knits, soft denims and sporty are a good choice for casual events while silk, embellished, velvet, thick cotton are great for formal events.

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