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Women's Jewelry - (174 products found)

Trendy Women's Jewelry at Affordable Prices

Looking to splurge on some necessary women's jewelry this weekend, or you're just shopping around for the best women's jewelry deals in Rwanda? You deserve to get the jewelry that you want, and not just that but at the best price possible as well. Whatever material you love your jewelry to be made from, we have what you need here. Resin jewelry to make you feel like the new princess in town, silver-plated and gold-plated jewelry that give you as much happiness as the real thing, uncommon jewelry made out of wood, delicate necklace models made from ceramic and once-in-a-life time platinum jewelry for women; there are over a thousand women's jewelry items for you browse through and shop from. Now you can be as fashionable as you've always wanted be without having to spend too much.

Bangles and bracelets on Jumia are the finest accessory to fit on your wrists no matter where you are going. Make sure to get them in dozens to fit most of the dresses you have. Women's necklaces are the holy grail of women's jewelry, and no where do you get them better than on Jumia. Our earrings, necklaces and jewelry sets combined together make over half a thousand options for you to choose from right now.

Widest Variety of Engagement Rings Online

If you're intending to shop for a suitable ring for that coming special moment when you will be popping the question, we have a large gallery of engagement rings you can shop on Jumia without needing to break the bank. Whatever budget you have in mind, Jumia is the right place to shop anything including engagement rings. With options ranging from studded engagement rings to Alliance for Weddings unisex rings, silver-plated engage rings to colored bracelet rings; whether you're buying as a gift for someone or for yourself, it's easy to shop on Jumia for what you want.

We even have plain wedding bands for grooms that sit comfortably around the finger. When shopping on Jumia for engagement rings, it's not a question of whether we have enough options for you to choose from. The question is Can you handle all the fashion choices we offer you on women's jewelry?