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Women's Jeans for Body Types

Jeans are a very functional fashion item that has been worn over the years by men and women. Jeans were invented by Jacob Davis and Levi Strauss. They were originally worn by factory workers because of their easy fit and the fact that they were comfortable. In the 60's men adopted the jeans for fashion purposes and by the 70's women embraced the versatile fashion item. Today, women's jeans are made for every body type. A woman will look really elegant and dashing if she wears the right pair of jeans for her body shape.
Hourglass figure: This means that you are curvy around the hips and you have a well-defined waist. The curvier you are will be equal to your need to get jeans that are cut higher in the back. For the small waist, get jeans that come with a contoured waistband. And if you are going for slim cut, get jeans with tapered legs with roomier thighs and less narrow ankles instead of skinny jeans. This will flatter your hips best.

Straight, boyish figure: This means that your bust and hips are approximately at the same width and you have little or no waist definition. You can rock jeans with any amount of details from skinny jeans to wide-leg jeans. Women with this shape should wear more of tapered and skinny jeans. You can wear wide-leg jeans but avoid jeans with too wide flare. Moderate flare is OK.

Pear figure: This means that your hips and thighs are bigger than your waist and you bust. In this case, you are bottom-heavy. Dark wash jeans will flatter this body type and you can flaunt your curves by getting skinny jeans. Wide-leg jeans are also not a bad idea. Be sure to wear your jeans on a pair of heels and they help hips and thighs look slimmer and well-toned.

Different Ways to Rock a Pair of Jeans

Jeans are very versatile and they can be worn to so many events and with so many other fashion items. For a casual look, you can pair your light-washed jeans with a chic top with a pair of ballet flats or sneakers. For an evening out with friends to the cinema or any other fun place, you can throw on a leather jacket or a jean jacket. For a semi-formal occasion, pair dark-washed jeans with a classic white buttoned down shirts and throw on a pair of heels or brogues. You can also add a well-tailored blazer to give that extra sass. For a relaxing day out on the beach, you can mix a pair of Bahamas shorts or three-quarters turn-up jeans with a striped cropped top. Another beautiful way to dress a pair of jeans is to wear dark-washed jeans with a lighter wash jean shirt. Tuck this in and complete with platforms, wedges and some chic accessories. You can also rock skinny jeans with a black long sleeved turtle neck top. Tuck this in and tie a scarf turban style. Complete this look with a pair of heels and nice statement jewelries.
There are so many ways to rock a pair of jeans and because of their versatility; you can get creative when you do this.

Where to Get Women's Jeans Online

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