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Women's Dresses

A dress is a one piece garment consisting of a top and skirt. They are perceived as the appropriate piece for formal occasion such as prom nights and weddings. Dresses are sometimes referred to as frocks or gowns and are designed to be worn by females. 19th century flocks were like full length ball gowns with corset styled bodice' they were basically crinoline, bustle and bouffant dresses were popular during this era. The ones with high necklines and long sleeve were worn during the day while low neckline and short sleeve styled were appropriate for evening.

20 and 21st century gowns took a shift, this era feature various styles-long, maxi, midi, mini and macro dresses. Long are floor length and are worn for formal event, maxi in the 60s were ankle length gown but are designed in long length today, midi are mid-calf in length, Knee length gowns are called short, minis are between the knee and the upper thigh while micro are shorter than the mini dresses, most times, the hemlines are below the buttocks.

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Women's Dresses come in thousands of styles and designs- Maxi, wrap, mini, shirts, sheath, A-line, peplum and more. These styles work best for different body types. Some common types are discussed.
Maxi dresses are casual slip-ins and can be worn by every woman. However, if you are petite, opt for the ones with small prints. Women with long torso or boyish figure can also rock this cloth.
Wrap dresses are great for pear shaped ladies. If you love to accentuate your body parts, this is your dress. It makes your waist appear smaller and attract people's attention to your curves especially the bust.
Mini dresses make legs appear longer and since petite women are not known for having long legs, this is a great dress for them. Unlike, on bigger women, mini dresses are decent on petite ladies.
Shirt dresses are similar to men's shirt. Like men's, they have collar and front buttons but are longer than a man's shirt. This style is good for women with the hourglass shape.
If you have an apple shape, sheath dress is a good choice. They are fitted dresses that can be worn by most body types and work best when you buy your right size. This is one dress a woman can hide a pretty big tummy.
A-line dresses are flattery and work for all body types especially apple and pear shaped ladies. if you are tall, this is your take!
Peplum dresses can be worn by anyone but are best for broad shouldered women.

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