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It is known that women and clothes have an undisclosed bond. Women and fashion have been in this relationship for years, thus the saying that "clothes are women's best friend". Women can spend a whole day shopping for their most preferred outfits, selecting those dresses that make her stand out amongst her peers, even from a very young age till they when they are old, one thing you can hardly get rid of a woman is her grand sense and taste for style. Over the years, the growth in the industry for women's clothing has been exceptional. Gone are the days when Rwandan women had no access to western dresses, now our online market place brings to you top clothing's for women from the top and biggest fashion designers in the world.

We have outfits for every occasion, be it office wear, school accessory, religious cloths , bridal wears or party wear, any festive wear or African look , they are all available on our site . However, this days women are ruling the work force, that's why we have brought to you all different types cooperate shoes and shirts you need to look as classy as possible. We are not only giving you affordable clothing and accessories but also we are providing you with the best option is online shopping, where you can do a lot of shopping from the comfort of your home.

Online shopping has brought about a positive revolution especially with more benefits to the women's clothing genre, So many wonderful and trendy outfits are available for your pair, match and compare as you scroll around online. Jumia has made it that easy , now you don't have to go around pricing outfits , that you aren't even so sure of their originality, when you can peruse through different stores online as many times as you desire. Now every woman can feel and look special. On our site we have provided through our sellers a wide range of clothing like Trousers & Leggings, Jeans, scarves, jewelry. Miniskirts, jumpsuits and even maternity wears for our about to be mums. All this is in effort to bring delight and comfortable shopping experiences to every woman.

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As women keeping up to date in everything and aspect of life is necessary. However sometimes that look we want might be a bit too expensive, that's why we spend days looking for items that fit , are up to date and still affordable, that sounds impossible why? . On this site all that has been put into consideration and an extra thoughts too were added, what we consider as a perfect look for a lady is when the dress or outfit is highly comfortable, fashionable, trendy and still very affordable. Jumia is one of the best when it comes to women's Clothing. The quality and brands of all our outfits are unbelievably amazing, it's guaranteed that when you shop on Jumia you would always be the center of attraction with your trend starting looks.

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Get original and gorgeous dresses for women. Get special discounts and great deals from the best brands with shopping on Jumia. Whether you're buying or selling, we have best prices and fashionable wedding dresses that will make you blossom while you tie the knot, get trend setting women's jumpsuit and look chick with brands like Givenchy, Papaya, Burberry, and channel all on Jumia. There is no other way to make a fashion statement without items that possess quality and style, we have all sorts of clothing, in varieties from frilled sleeves, peplum, denim and slim styles, on our online market place. Best part is you can buy or sell authentic female attires from the comfort of your homes. The ladies are not cut out of sport wears, for all your women jerseys from your favourite football clubs like Arsenal, Liverpool, and Chelsea are available, now you can show loyalty to your club. For women's clothing like leggings, blazers, dresses and more, shop on Jumia and get guaranteed lowest prices on all fashion products for women.