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What to Look for When Buying a Blazer

A blazer is a type of jacket which looks like a suit jacket. The difference is that it is cut in a more casual way. Blazers often have naval-style metal buttons to reflect their origins as jackets worn by boating club member. They are usually made from durable materials because they are intended as outdoor wear. Usually, blazers are used as uniform for a group of people like airline employees, students, etc. They are worn with a wide variety of other clothes such as button down shirts, polo shirts, tops and the likes. You may decide to get designer blazers, or tailor-made ones. Here are essential things to watch out for when shopping for a new blazer.
The shoulder: A lot of shoulders have a little bit or more padding at the shoulder which gives the blazer shape. If removed, it can change the fit and drape of the blazer. Shoulders are very important to look out for in blazers. This is because they determine how perfectly the blazer fits the wearer. If the shoulder is too wide, the sleeve will begin further down your arm which will not look flattering. On the other hand, if your shoulders are too small, your arms will appear to come out in width compared to the rest of your body. This will also cause arm movement restrictions and discomfort.

The Torso: This part of a blazer runs along the lines of your curves when buttoned. When getting a blazer, it is better to get one which you can easily button over the largest part of your torso. If the torso of the blazer is too big, you will lose your curves in the extra fabric and if the torso of the blazer is too small, the fabric will pull and strain around the buttons.

The Lapels: When buying a blazer, make sure that the lapels are in proportion to your figure. Ladies with a smaller size usually look good with smaller lapels while bigger ladies can get away with larger, more dramatic lapel easier.

The Sleeves: The length of your blazer sleeves will also go a long way in determining if the blazer is your perfect fit. An average length sleeve should end near the joint where your thumb connects with your wrist. It should be this way when you stand straight with your arms at your side. For the sleeve width, make sure to select blazers with the sleeve running close to your arm.

Blazer Length: When shopping, you can buy blazers of any length to flatter your body type. Moreover, lengths go in and out of style although the most popular ones stop at your hip.

Where to Buy Women's Blazers

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