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Definitely ranking amongst the top mobile phone operating system in the world, the windows phone OS was developed by Microsoft and marketed by Nokia. This mobile OS is sleek and unique in function and design. The user experience is awesome and the integration on smartphones are excellent. One of the most popular mobile phone model that runs the windows phone OS is the Nokia Lumia.

Key Features of Windows Phones

Aside the Nokia Lumia, there are different brands that manufacture smartphones running the windows phone OS.

Operating System Version: The windows phones OS started with version 8 which was launched in 2012. There are lots of mobile manufacturer that developed smartphones to run on the windows phone 8> it was the first windows OS that supported touch screen feature. Other versions include windows 8.1 and windows 10. You can always update your smartphone mobile OS. That is one good advantage of the windows phone.

Security: This is another key feature of every smartphone running the windows OS. The windows phone provides you with flexible security options. One of the latest development is the windows hello. This provides you with two biometric option such as facial recognition and the fingerprint recognition. Also you can use the windows passport signing option too.

OneDrive: The OneDrive is Microsoft online cloud storage that comes with all windows phones. You have access to external storage online and can be access from anywhere around the world. This also helps to maximize your smartphone memory allowing you to save important or large documents on the cloud storage thereby freeing your physical storage to have more space.

Meet Cortana: Cortana is Microsoft's version of Siri on iOS. It is an intelligent personal assistant that can set reminders, answer questions regarding weather, traffic, sport scores and fixtures, surf the web automatically, and more. It accept these commands via voice input. Also the amazing thing about Cortana is it is available in several languages such as English, French, Spanish, Italian, German, Japanese and Chinese. It is a major competitor for iOS Siri and Google's Google Now.

Personalization and Customization: The windows OS gives you freedom to personalize your smartphone. You can rearrange your tiles, change the colour, add and remove icons and more. You can create shortcuts for fast access of apps and programs. The flexibility and user experience (UX) level is amazing.

Windows Store: The Windows store is also known as the app store. It is your one stop store where you download several windows apps ranging from games to social media apps. Download the latest version of twitter app on windows store. Get access to thousands of free apps on the windows store.

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