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Why the NIKON D3200 Camera is the Best for Bloggers

Blogging has a lot to do with photos which are always attainable through the use of either digital cameras or smartphones' cameras. While some bloggers are comfortable with taking pictures and shooting videos using their phones, some others have pushed further by getting themselves a digital camera for the specific job of taking photos or shooting videos. The choice of the best camera for enthusiasts or newbies who choose to use digital cameras is another aspect to ponder on before making a decision on which camera to buy. There are plenty of great cameras out there but so far, the Nikon 3200 has been the best choice for bloggers and other photographers.

The Nikon D3200 camera features plenty of pixels, produces HD photos and videos of 4K display quality and it's elegantly bold and easily moveable so that users can take it to any position or location to use the digital camera.

Nikon D3200

•   The camera features a 24MP CMOS sensor

•   ISO 100-6400 (plus ISO 12,800-equivalent Hi1 setting)

•   Full HD 1080p30 video (with 25p and 24p options)

•   Expeed 3 processing

•   4 frame-per-second continuous shooting

•   3.0", 920k dot screen

•   Microphone socket

•   Twin IR remote receivers

•   Photos taken using the Nikon D3200

Although it was officially launched in 2012, till date the Nikon D3200 is an amazing DSLR Camera that is very affordable and does a great job too. Some of the Best things about this camera is its ability to crop high resolution images, this will come in handy for bloggers in cases where you take a live photo and you want to crop something out so you can use it immediately. The camera is very responsive and fast when operating so you don't have worries about delay. The shutter is also very quiet when taking photos with the digital camera.

Very Supportive Ports are all over the Nikon D3200

The ports available on the Nikon D3200 is there to make life easier for bloggers/photographers who want to use the Digital camera. The ports at the side of the Nikon D3200 camera consist of

•   3.5mm stereo microphone input jack (Nikon offers a microphone accessory with the cam)

•   Standard USB 2.0 High Speed port for data transfer between user's (blogger's) PC and the camera.

•   NTSC / PAL switchable composite port.

•   Type-C Mini HDMI port for showing videos on standard or high-definition via its NTSC/PAL switch mode.

Battery and Storage on the Nikon D3200

The camera stores photos using a SD/SDHC/SDXC memory card. According to Nikon, a class 6 or faster cards is recommended for shooting videos with the camera. Another supported cards include the UHS-1 complaints cards.


Because battery is a very important aspect of every electronic gadget, the battery on Nikon D3200 should be commended. The Battery on Nikon D3200 is not the type that will disappoint bloggers/photographers when they need their cameras most. The camera uses a lithium-ion battery pack. About 540 shots can be taken when it's fully charged with about 50% of the shots taken with the flash.

Below were some fantastic photos taken using the Nikon D3200 Camera

Wrapping up on this Great Camera Choice

The Nikon D3200 is definitely a blogger's dream camera considering the features, flexibility and durability it comes with. The camera comes in 2 colors which includes red and black.

Where to Buy Nikon D3200 in Rwanda

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