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Back to School: Wishes of a 5-Year Old - #WhenIWas5

Back to School: A 5-Year old's wishes

At the occasion of the Back to School period, we at Jumia asked little kids to send us a brief of what their holiday was and what they expect going back to school. We got really cute stories and we thought this was really cute and amusing by Emmanuella, a 5 year-old. She is currently in Year 1, Greenspings School, Lagos.

She told us what she did for her holidays, and what she would like to happen in her upcoming school year.

When we read the notes she gave us, we just could not handle so much cuteness! Here is what she told us about her holidays:

*My Summer Holiday

When school closed I was happy that I would sleep longer and not wake up early.

My holiday started when I visited my granme at surule and my little cousins were there we played game, watched tv and went to church.

Later my brother and I attended Summer school. We did handwriting colouring, art and made new friends. We swam in a pool but wished that I had a new swimming wear, goggles and a floater for my own. When school resumes I wish to new Hello Kitty PE shoes so I can do sport activities well.

When it came to talk about what she whises she could get for the upcoming year, here is what she handed us:

*All I wish for.

One afternoon I went to my cousin's house to have fun and I played on her Ipad. I wish to have an Ipad and laptop. When I got back home I prayed God that all my wishes will come through. Amen

We, at Jumia.... are still children in one little way or the other!

Just out of curiosity, we asked her mother "Can Ella really handle an Ipad?", Her response was a witty one: "Can you breathe?". Aww, kids these days...

It relapsed us to our own childhood. Here is what we got from our own team:

I remember, when I was 5, I was standing in front of the microwave, hoping I would get super powers

When I was 5, I woke up my mother a night of July, 3am, to tell her: "I know what I want for Christmas ! Yellow Power Rangers !"

When I was 5, I hoped to get bitten by a spider in order to become Spiderman, and thus escape from school !

When I was 5, I was pretty much a tomboy, I remember spending my days playing soccer with my dad all around town

What about you?

What about your own experience?

Tweet us your best memories, your beautiful wishes and crazy ideas of when you were 5, using the hashtag #WhenIWas5 !! Lets see if it can be any more fun than Ella's.