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How to Buy Water Dispensers

A water dispenser is an appliance that cools and dispenses water. Generally, these appliances come in two types: the bottled water dispensers which require water from large bottles and the bottleless dispensers which are connected to a water supply or tap. When buying a water dispenser, you have to conclude on whether you prefer to have a countertop dispenser or a freestanding dispenser. A countertop unit is made to be placed on a table or on a counter. This platform should not be too high that changing the large water bottle becomes a tedious task. Freestanding dispensers are generally more expensive because they have a bigger compressor in relation to the countertop dispensers. This means that they get water very cold and faster. There are also top-loading dispensers and bottom loading dispensers. Moreover, important features which you should look out for are the hot and cold feature which has a device producing hot water as well as cold water; a purification system which removes small particles, sediments, lead and chlorine from the water source. Also look out for features like the cup holder which could be an internal or an external space in the appliance; a drip tray which is usually removable and helps to clean up splashed water and many more.

How to Clean and Maintain a Water Dispenser

After you must have bought your dispenser for your home or office, it is advisable to clean once every three month so as to maintain its cleanliness and effectiveness. The first step to take when cleaning your appliance is to unplug the power from the wall outlet then you remove the water bottle from the dispenser. Now, turn the dispenser so that the back is away from the wall and put a bucket large enough under the drain plug at the back of it. Remove any water that might be left after taking off the bottle. You do this by dispensing the water to the last drop in any container. Remove the probe assembly by turning it counter clockwise; clean this with a soft cloth and unscented household cleaning powder then rinse. Next, remove the plastic baffle from inside the reservoir then wipe and clean inside the reservoir and around both taps using a soft cloth and the household cleaning powder. When done, rinse the system by pouring 1-2 gallon of tap water through the dispenser and into the bucket. Remove the remaining water from the reservoirs by dispensing from both taps into a container. Finally, replace all the parts you took out and turn the dispenser around to its normal positioning. Install a new bottle of water and plug back into the grounded wall outlet.

Where to Buy Water Dispensers Online

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