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Clothes, originally were washed with fragile hands, probably by the river or stream. Pre historic people used rocks and gritty sand to force out the dirt of their cloths. Later cleansers were made, such as soap made from the soapwort plant and others from ashes and animal fat.
In present time for people that own maybe just a pair or two outfits, don't necessarily need any laundry therapy, In the modern times with numerous fashion trends, people now own more clothes than they can even cater for, you can't blame them though, because fashion is versatile. Taking care of ones cloths from undies to the outer clothes could be a formidable task. Aside from clothing they are so many other items that's require machine-wash like Napkins, bath towels, Bed covers, dish towels, Dinning sheets, sheets, and so many other domestic linens. Some people resort to straining their hands and still not accomplishing much, best way to rid yourself of dirty laundry is by owning an efficient washing machine of your own. That is the key to staying on top and reducing your laundry chores.

Two Types of popular Washing Machines we Know

There are two popular washing machines we are very familiar with, they are top loading washing machines and front - loading models. Here is a brief description of both
• Top-Loading Washing Machines- They are laundry machines that load from the top part, they have an opaque hinged lid that covers the top. You load your dirty clothes into the perforated basket inside a tub and fill with water. An agitator at the bottom spins the water and clothes throughout the set wash cycle. The foamy water is later drained from the tub by a spinning and spraying action. When it's time to rinse it refills with clean water and spins, after this, the water is drained, and the basket spins in very high speed to drain the wet clothes, forcing the water out through the holes.
• Front-Loading Washing Machines- this type of washers are more energy consuming, they have a circular door made of clear see through glass at its front and a horizontally placed metal basket and a tub. Dirty clothes are loaded through the front, then the door is shut. The door has a special seal to prevent leakage through the turbulent spin. When the washing starts, the tub automatically fills up with enough water to wet the clothes, which is controlled by a water-level sensor. Then it goes through the washing cycle spins, rinses, drains the water then dries it. It requires low-sudsing detergent be used or a much smaller amount of regular detergent. This Is used for harder to wash cloths and by laundry marts or families.

They are both good washing machines, and are also both effective , for any brand of high speed laundry machine you need from all the major brands like L.G or Samsung shop online and get amazing deals and effortless delivery.

Why you should Invest in Washing Machines on Jumia

Wearing silky and clean clothes would definitely give you a positive review by people around you. This is one of the major reasons you should take a proper care of whatever is worn by you. For your health's sake and the impression you give people about yourself, your dresses should not be crumpled, have odor, or stains rather they should be clean and smell good. For this to be possible you should invest in washing machines and washing supplies sold on Jumia. Not just clothes people can see but also you're your garments like your under wears, curtains, pillowcase, and table cloths should look and smell good always.
The question now is, what are the laundry care supplies you need? If you want your fabrics clean always you should also get on Jumia products, like washing machine. Washing supplies, effective detergents and of course one of our affordable washing machines. Now you can stay fresh and save money meant for dry cleaners by washing yourself with an easy to use washer sold online.