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Widest Range of Gaming Consoles to Shop in Rwanda

Need the perfect ideas for ultimate gaming this weekend? Not a problem. Jumia makes it easy for you to shop different kinds of gaming consoles from Microsoft, Nintendo and Sony. The wide variety of options you get on Jumia allows you enjoy a gaming at a level like you've never done before. With game consoles from Nintendo, Sony PSP and more, whether you're at home or you're on the move, there are always enough gaming options for you to explore on Jumia.

You deserve the best of gaming technology and that's why Jumia makes it a point to make available all the gaming consoles as they become available in the market no matter what brands you are looking to shop. Whether you want soccer games or you're looking for exercise games, gaming consoles are first what you need.

Buy PlayStation 4 & Xbox Online at Best Prices

Gaming console options on Jumia includes the Sony PlayStation 4. With the right video game to play along with it, PlayStation allows you to experience gaming at perhaps the best possible. But what makes us excited is that you can always buy them at best prices and you can find Video Games for PlayStation here on Jumia as well PlayStation accessories. PlayStation consoles are perfect for soccer gaming including Wining Eleven, PES and FIFA. Racing games including Need for Speed and Underground feel great on PlayStation and the thrill you get from Call of Duty and Assassin's Creed on the PlayStation is beyond comparison. If you intend to cut out the best deal, try finding PlayStation 2 or PlayStation 3 consoles as well.

PlayStation consoles are not the only gaming consoles you can find on Jumia. You can also find the Xbox 360 and Xbox One by Microsoft on Jumia. Yu can play quite a wide variety of games on Xbox consoles, and on Jumia, they come at lower prices than elsewhere. Everything from wrestling, kickboxing, swimming to strategy and attack, dancing and exercise, there's a lot you can do on your Xbox 360 including connecting with other players and competing online.