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Buy Toyotas, Benz, Bmw, SUVs in Perfect Condition

We have a wide range of superb cars of all varieties and brands and made them available for you to choose from. Our selection is from all of the best manufacturers and importers all over the world. Looking at vehicles online before you choose to buy is the ideal way to compare cars, and then to decide on exactly which one you want to purchase. We pride ourselves with finding the very best in the transport field that is available and then offering these to you online with our guarantee of the finest service that can be provided as you look for your new personal transport.
Buying vehicles on this platform gives you the freedom of personal transport, both for you as an individual and for your family. Whether it's a small sports car or a larger estate vehicle that you are seeking, we will fulfill your dreams because of our commitment to customer service and widespread experience. Take the family on holiday to visit your relatives, or simply use your new cars to buy your weekly groceries. Buying your new vehicle from us gives you an entirely new perspective on life because of the freedom it offers, and the peace of mind you gain by shopping on Jumia. There are tons of people willing to sell their car to you at cheap prices, what are you waiting for?

Get the Best Deals on Vehicles

Jumia offers you an exceptional experience to meet with sellers, inspect the car for sale and agree on a price convenient for both parties and the pay safely through our platform. Whether it is a Sienna Mini Van for the family or a Honda Accord for your personal use, finding the right car to suit your needs is not the problem, just search for it here on Jumia. Brands available include BMW, Hyundai, Kia, Acura and Porsche. Jumia offers unprecedented convenience for you to meet with the sellers, inspect the car for sale, be certain the amount is worth every penny, agree on price and pay safely through our pay on delivery option. You can easily buy used vehicles on at the most convenient prices. Get exposed to thousands of sellers and peruse through their products till you find the most befitting. If you are looking to buy a Toyota Mini Van for family use, or you want a Toyota Land Cruiser, you can find the right used cars and trucks near you on Jumia. Brands available include BMW, Honda, Kia, Toyota, Nissan and a list of others. You will find a lot of great deals for cars, motorcycles and bikes on here. If you are looking for used cars to cut down costs, have a look at our selection and choose among all the brands available. Brand new cars are also available for you to make do with they range in different brands and are very captivating with prices that will stagger you.

Buy New & Used Cars in Rwanda

Not everyone can afford a brand new car or truck in Rwanda. That is the reason we advise you to opt for the used cars and trucks. Ideally, you want your car to last a number of years, so it takes a lot of thought and consideration to buy the right vehicle for you. Jumia makes it a bit easier for you. We have hundreds listed on our site, so the choice is enormous. You are sure to find something that suits you and your family. If the thought seems overwhelming, don't worry, you can browse through categories, depending upon the make, model, year, mileage, condition, fuel type, size of the engine and the city it's sold from so you can narrow your search as much as possible. We sell both used and new vehicles, so you always find a bargain on Jumia Cars are meant to be enjoyed and in order to buy something that will cause you more damage than good, you should purchase from somewhere that is affordable and very reliable which is the exact thing we are hoping to give you. We guarantee that we will give you the best your money can buy. Imagine having to easily find a car just by going through a variety of options online, and you don't have to break away from your busy schedule, simply call the seller to schedule a time that is convenient for you to take a look at the car and if it your perfect car, you can make payment and become the proud owner of your own car.