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It's the 21st century already and you really can't afford to get stuck with an ancient technology TV just because it still works fine and hasn't broken down yet. Get a 3D flat screen television on Jumia and begin to see TV in a way that you've never seen before. Seeing a sports game is great. But seeing a sports game with friends on a 3D TV you buy on Jumia is definitely a much better experience! With the options of flat screen TVs on Jumia, you can afford to take a side in the LED TV vs. LCD TV wars.

Find 21-inch flat screen LCD TV screens that may be the ideal fit for your daughter's room, a 32-inch LED screen for the visitor's lounge or better still break the rules and go for a 65-inch konka Smart TV (flat screen, of course) to wow anyone who gets the chance to come into your living room or enjoy it in the bedroom, just you and your spouse alone together all night.

Where to Buy the Best Televison Online in Rwanda

Whatever you're watching, whether from your living room or your bedroom, you deserve a TV that lets you see all the angles – TVs on Jumia help you to do just that. The TV category on Jumia is the best place to start (and end) your TV shopping, not just because we have all the best TV brands here from Konka to, Samsung, Sony, Sharp, Toshiba and LG TVs, but because our TVs span across different technology types and come at best prices – always.

It really doesn't matter what TV types you prefer, options abound here on Jumia including the best Samsung TVs. Plasma TVs on Jumia are not just gentle on your wallets, it's a pleasure to watch whatever you want on them, wither some cartoon with the kids, matured series episodes with your spouse or musical videos all day long. Everything from budget TVs all the way to Android TVs and smart TVs designed to respond to touch and hand gestures to Samsung TV models that can even browse the web and stream you videos straight from YouTube, we have all of them here on Jumia. And of course you don't have to worry about shipping; let us worry about that. Even if you still prefer tube TVs, there's something for you to shop on Jumia.