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We are excited to offer you a fantastic range of electronic products that can be purchased right away! We understand how important electronics are in your everyday life and we have worked hard to provide you with a wide choice that will hopefully meet your expectations. Whether you are searching for a new TV to watch your favourite shows on, or a new console to play exciting video games with, or something else, we are at your service! Take your time to search through the listings and once you have chosen your electrical purchase, let us deal with the rest. Before you know it, you will be unboxing your brand new, top-of-the-range purchase!
You can have moments and memories for life, all you need to do is to capture that picture perfect memory and save if for the future and there is no better way of achieving that than getting a good quality camera that is reliable. Are you already wondering where you can get it? No need to worry, we have them right here on Jumia and at very cheap prices. You can also buy or sell the current TV technology from LG and Samsung, computer game consoles, solid power generators and a lot other electronics oriented products, regardless if they are used or brand new.
A party is not complete until there is music, and what better way is there to jam up a party than using really good speakers that you can buy online. Are you tired of the long quiet drive home but the music from your phone is not loud enough? You can now get an affordable Mp3 player for your car, original headphones for Apple and Nokia devices and suitable rechargeable lamps all available here. As the most referred online market in Rwanda, we have lots of brands that we can vouch for to give you the best when it comes to affordable TVs, Sound Systems and everything and anything electronic. Our audio, video and gaming offers are the off the hook, we offer a wide range of Hi-Fi equipment audio and video brands. Our LCD, plasma and projectors collection were selected to meet your entertainment needs, pair them with or assorted blu ray players, and you can watch your favourite movies in crystal clear view, all for terribly affordable prices. With high tech digital equipment, Jumia offers promotions with high tech digital equipment like gaming consoles and video games. Sell your old Xbox and buy a new Xbox One on the most trusted online shopping site in Rwanda. The vacations are never complete without choosing from one of our cameras to capture those pleasant moments.

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You can capture all the amazing moments in life with Jumia's long list of quality cameras, the digital cameras, available are completely for you to make do with like the Kodak or Olympus and for professional use or the Nikon and Canon you can also use for personal purposes. There are also surveillance cameras for the security purposes in the office, malls and even at home. If you're looking for quality audio systems, great home entertainment and awesome gadgets at reasonable prices then you're at the right place. Check out our range of Hi-Fi's and home theater systems to give your home a top of the range sound. Combine them with a Blu-ray DVD player and a flat screen LCD, LED or Plasma TV and the only problem you'll have is getting your friends to leave! Take your music with you wherever you go with an iPod or MP3 player. Discover an incredible sound with stylish mini speakers for your own mini-party. Whether at home, in the office or while travelling, electronics have become a major part of our lives. Simply put we would not be able to work, play or communicate without electronics. We live in a highly modernized world where consumers demand high quality, fast delivery, and full support for the products they want to buy. Having electronics and computers to help people keep track and stay connected with co-workers, customers, suppliers, friends and family is today's prerequisite. Whether you are buying the electronic products for yourself or for someone else, it's great to know that Jumia can provide you with the newest products at the best prices. Start by checking out the range of 3D TVsfor sale from Sony Bravia; imagine how great it will be to see movies in 3D with the 3D home theater. Just remember to purchase extra pairs of 3D glasses so that everyone can enjoy the fun! Also, how about game console to go with your new TV? Play the most popular games on Xbox or PlayStation in the comfort of your front room or bedroom. Or, if you want a console that is portable, take a look at the Sony PSP. It's great for keeping you entertained whilst on a long train or bus journey. Are you looking for the most reliable shop to buy generators and be certain of its durability? We have power generatorsfrom very reliable brands with testimonies of their greatness and you are at liberty to buy the one with the most convenient price. Headphones are an important part of the generation of today but the really durable ones are rare to find. Here, we have great options for you to pick from. Just log on to to start searching

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Home appliances in any house are a blessing. For every room, there are appliances that makes it all the more fun being in it. A TV in a sitting room would entertain both the visitors and guests. An air conditioner in a bedroom would help one sleep well at night and take a break from the heat on a warm day. A microwave in the kitchen would make it easy to warm food, and along with a refrigerator, one wouldn't have to cook every time again when they can just store food in the fridge and microwave it when they need it. A toothpaste dispenser and holder in the bathroom would help organize the bathroom and make sure everyone's toothbrush is in place. All these and many more, you can do with a long list of household appliances now available on Jumia.