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Training Kigali Sellers to use Internet to their Advantage
2014 | Kigali, Rwanda

Jumia, an online marketplace for selling and buying, organized the event to train the sellers on how to use the internet and the platform to generate growth in their business. The training will be a weekly event. The training was about teaching and explaining to the sellers how Jumia works and how they can sell their products, monitor them, add or remove any item depending on the stock they have.

Around midday of Friday, Sellers started coming in at Karibu Restaurant where the training took place. The event started with presentation of all the in and outs of how Jumia works, how they products are being sold and especially how they can upload their products on the platform themselves. The training focused on concerns the sellers had on how to know the items sold, if they were being bought or if they need to change their products based on what the clients are buying the most.

After the training, the sellers were given the time to ask questions where some wondered if one day they would be selling in other countries and about the return policy if it protects their products especially when they are being delivered in other areas of Rwanda. Jumia's Country Manager, Yan Kwizera, assured them that there is nothing to worry about regarding their products as the policy speculates that any product damaged or not return in the state they were sent in cannot be returned. It will be considered bought. Again he emphasized that the policy doesn't apply for food and beverage products.

As the training winded up, Magasin Faruki Trading owner Mohammed Hussein took the time to appreciate Jumia over their great work. He continued saying that at first he thought Jumia will be like one of those agencies that come saying one thing but leaves and never come back. He was greatly surprised when two weeks ago, He found an email in his inbox indicating that someone bought a fridge, worth of 1 Million, from his store on Jumia and want it delivered. To show his appreciation, he presented Jumia with a certificate of appreciation of their great work. Jumia presented to the sellers who attended the training with certificates of participation and thanking them for their great collaboration. The sellers who attended the training advices others to join platforms like Jumia and learn how to use new technologies to their advantage.

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