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Types of Toasters

This is a small electric appliance designed to brown sliced bread by exposing it to radiant heat. This process converts the bread to toast. Toasters can toast a wide variety of sliced bread products. The toaster was invented in 1893 in Scotland. The pop-up toaster was invented in 1919. The most common household toasting appliances are the pop-up toaster and the toaster oven. There are three types of toasters:

Pop-up toasters: For this type of toaster, slices are inserted vertically into the slots placed on the top of the toaster. When an internal device determines that the toasting cycle is complete, the toaster turns off and the toast bread pops out of the slots. Among pop-up toasters, those that toast two slices of bread are more purchased than those which toast four.

Toaster ovens: This type of toaster is a small electric oven with a front door, wire rack and removable baking pan. To use this, slices of bread are placed horizontally on the rack. When the toast is done, the toaster turns off and in most cases, the door has to be opened manually. A lot of toaster ovens are capable of performing most of the functions of electric ovens but in a much simpler scale. They tend to produce drier toasts since their heating elements are located farther from the toast.

Conveyor toasters: This type of toaster is designed to make many slices of toast and it is generally used in the catering industry, cafeterias, diners and other bigger cooking facilities. They are the most suitable toasters for large-scale use.

Toaster Buying Guide

Capacity: Before going all out to get a toaster, you have to first determine how many slices you want your toaster to hold at once. Toasters typically come in two-slice toaster or four-slice capacity.

Material: Toasters are made of materials such as stainless steel, durable plastic derivatives, etc. The material you choose will depend on your personal preference, the overall theme of your kitchen and many other reasons.

Special features: You may decide to get an appliance which only toasts bread. But if you are looking to get a toaster which comes with some more special features, then you may decide carrying out some research on brands before you buy. Some special features are

• Auto shut-off signal which allows the toaster make a bell sound when the toast has popped and the toasting cycle is complete.
• Cancellation button which allows you to push a button to stop the toasting process mid-way.
• Defrost option which allows you to bring frozen bread to a warmer temperature and toast them in one cycle.
• Crumb tray which collects loose bits of bread and toast. This should be emptied regularly.

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