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Tableware Types

Tableware is the collection of dishes, cutlery and cups used for setting a table, serving food and dining. They are used for functional purposes and also for decorative purposes. Tableware items include plates, bowls, cups, serving dishes, etc. Tableware comprises of the following:

Plates and bowls: This includes a variety of plates such as dinner plates, lunch plates, dessert plates, salad plates, side plates and many more. The bowls are usually used for soups, cereal, pasta, fruits and fruit salads, and others. Plates and bowls come in different sizes and these sizes are set by the manufacturers. The functions are based on the sizes for example, a dinner plate is larger than a dessert plate; a dessert plate is larger than a salad plate; a salad plate is larger than a side plate and a side plate is larger than a tea plate.

Drinkware: Mugs and glasses are also an important part of tableware. There are different types of glasses for different wines and drinks. We have the beer glasses, brandy glasses, Port wine glasses, water glasses, juice glasses, hot chocolate mugs, tea mugs, coffee mugs, etc.

Cutlery: There are different types of cutlery to suit whatever meal you are setting the table for. We have the salad fork, dinner fork, dinner knife, butter knife, dinner spoon, soup spoon, fruit spoon, fruit knife, cheese knife, pastry fork, boning fork, carving knife, carving fork, etc.

Serving dishes: These tableware items are used to transport food from the kitchen to the table. They are used to make food service easier, cleaner and more effective. These dishes include butter dishes, casserole bowls, fruit bowls, serving bowls, pitchers, jugs, platters, trays, salt and pepper shakers, gravy boats, salad bowls, etc.

How to Buy Tableware Items

Right sizes: Make sure to consider your space and storage areas before buying these pieces. Get the right size of dishes for your cupboards, shelves and dishwasher.

Determine dish colour: You can decide to go for any colour of tableware that suits you. White is a beautiful colour to settle for. It is classy, versatile and white dinnerware makes a great base set. Better still, food looks more elegant on white dinnerware.

Use: Consider how the dinnerware will be used. Will it be used daily or occasionally? This should help determine the quality, colour and material of dinnerware to get.

Where to Buy Tableware Online

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