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Selfie stick or the camera holder as some might refer to it is a monopod, and they are used to take pictures by mounting your smartphone on it and taking either low- or high-angled photographs of yourself or maybe a group of friends by yourself. Some models of the selfie stick has a camera control button built into the handle or a separate remote like device with a camera button the control and connect the camera, thus making it a lot easier to snap photographs while your phone at a distance.

A lot of selfie sticks have an adjustable width mount that securely holds your smartphone in a horizontal position. They also have a rubber coated clamp or bracket (depending on what type you get). The clamp squeezes around your device, giving it a firm grip as you swing your stick, the selfie stick's clamp rotate and swivel around. Most selfie sticks offer up to 180 degrees in adjustability, which allows you to take a wide range of pictures at a variety of angles. Also some selfie sticks like the pro pole are versatile, they support compact cameras.

Easy to adjust Selfie Sticks.

Selfie sticks are portable, and easy to move around with, they are very super compact when folded. Most selfie sticks can fold to about 8 inches in length, some others just collapse to a shorter length for easy storage in your bags, purse, or in your pocket. The foldable aspect of the stick isn't so important, what is important, is how far it can extend from your body, so you can capture everything and everyone. If you want sticks that would enable your camera capture your surroundings. If you want to capture more background then you should aim for those ones that go at least above 30 inches, depending on your requirements.

Two Popular Types of Selfie Sticks We Know.

There are major selfie sticks we are very familiar with, they both perform the exact same functions, the only way to differentiate them is by a few distinct features. This two types are;

The pocket selfie stick- This stick doesn't have such a big reach as it can't be stretched so far. It has a maximum reach of 30". Most times has a 3.5mm aux cable, also has a "clamp" attachment that holds the phone in place on just the two sides, has no rear mirror and needs to be plugged in through the earphone slut to be used.

Wireless Bluetooth Selfie stick- On the other hand this has a maximum reach of 39, connects with Bluetooth making it easier to handle, has a micro cable usb, and a rear facing mirror that allows you to take pictures using your phone's superior rear-facing camera. It also features a cradle that grips it close on all its four sides. Some say connecting to the Bluetooth of their phone is stressful and slower, and if they forget to turn it off it drains their battery. If you have any of those compliant the pocket selfie stick might be a better choice for you.

Why you Should to Get a Selfie Stick

First why do you even need a selfie stick? Taking photos of yourself by yourself isn't so rewarding because sometimes our hands cant stretch that far and we end up been too close to the lens making it an unflattering photo that doesn't even capture all we want it to, especially items or locations we want the picture to capture. Most of the most flattering self-photography are taken from angles either below or above. These are a few of the reasons why you should get a Selfie stick. It's no surprise why times magazine named the selfie stick as one of the 25 Best Inventions of 2014, and it is a fact that selfies are so popular and slowly becoming an art. Millions of people including celebrities have shared photos taken with a selfie stick on different social media platforms (including the president of America amongst others).

Here are a few advantages of the selfie stick
• It's great for group pictures- Selfie sticks aren't just for personal selfies. They measure about 50cm long, and can be used to get far and wider pictures. Helps you capture everyone around you, they don't even have to all come together, besides unplanned pictures are always the best , just simply raise it up above everybody's heads and take your shot.
• Helps add a story to your pictures- With a selfie stick you can add context to your selfies. Because you can't fit you're surrounding the picture frame, thus explaining what's going on around you, giving your picture a story. Now you can capture buildings, pets, nature, the skyline behind you, or even an artifact installed in the background.
• Reach further- the stick helps you get more angles. Now you can capture more fun and original angles of your background
• Useful for videos- It helps you get better and unusual angles while videoing, a selfie stick also assists you in keeping smartphone steady. • Finally, Self-caption- Use your selfie sticks to capture numerous angles of yourself , experiment, discover new angles and capture all your smiles as you carry on with your day.

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