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Designed by technology giant Sony, PlayStation is undeniably one of the most popular lines of video game console devices worldwide. A person's childhood just won't be complete without experiencing playing PS games with family, peers and virtual friends. Even adults who are young at heart love to play PS games! Jumia gives you a vast collection of PS games and consoles, from classic titles to the latest games. Our list includes the PS3, which comes with a wireless controller and support for full HD resolution graphics, Blu-ray Discs and PS Portable connectivity. The PS consoles support the PS Network, a massive online store that provides gaming and entertainment content, such as music, movie and T.V. content. Choose your own PS games and consoles on Jumia now!

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PlayStation 4 is the latest addition to the gaming platform, and it boasts exceptional graphics, powerful speed, better social capabilities and much more immersive gameplay. The PS 4 also allows you to play digital games immediately as they download and even update the entire system while the hardware is turned off. Engage in hours of challenging gameplay with nearby friends or in the online community! With the social connectivity feature, you can easily share your triumphant success to friends via Wi-Fi. The PS consoles are specially designed for gamers like you, ensuring that you're comfortable with the controls and the user-friendly interface. Immerse yourself in fantastic games with incredibly realistic graphics. Chat with friends via text, voice or video, and invite them to join your game. The latest PS console has amazing social features that bring people closer to each other during gameplay. And if you want to take a break from gaming, browse the PS store for movies and videos. You can even stream TV shows! Aside from the PS3 and the PS4, you can also play games on the go with the PS Vita and the PSP.