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Over-the-head headphones give you a lot of comfort and are an advantage over the normal wired earphones. They are so comfortable , they can be used to run around or work out, their grip on your face allows them stay still while you work or carry out other actions, the over the head ear phones are so good to read with, they also are best for gaming and watching shows, calls, for disc jockeys and music producers. One of the most awesome features of an over the head ear phone is that you are free to partake in other chores, because you're sure that the over the head ear phones would have a good grip on your head , it allows you multitask. Let's not forget how stylish you look when putting on one of them on.

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On Jumia you can get 3.5mm jack headphones for internet calls that have their mouth piece out, allowing you sound very audible. For those that want to zone out and listen to soul music or rap that would take them away, and you want the sounds from your head piece to sync directly to your ears , the overhead ear phones are the best options for that. You can shop on Jumia for all types of over-the-head headphones such as Bluetooth over-the-head headphones and wireless headphones. Whether you need to take a stroll or work out, we offer the best in quality to you. When you're looking for first grade head phones from big brands like Samsung, Sony, Apple, Havit, Jabra, LG and Beats by Drelook no further on Jumiayou can get great branded headphones with quality sound effects and styles.

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Jumia makes shopping for over-the-head headphones so easy with the easy user friendly web interface and great brands of headphones that you are familiar with. Jumia also introduces you to new brands for you to explore. Make sure you get all your affordable headphones on our one stop online marketplace where diverse brands of headphones and earphones can be found at competitive rates.