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Oral Care for Children

Your child's teeth help with the process of digestion as they help to chop up food. Also, if your child has a clean set of white teeth, then it is an indication that he/she is well taken care of. Good dental care should begin before a baby's first tooth appears. At this stage you can clean your baby's mouth daily with a little damp towel or a ball of damp cotton wool to clean out harmful bacteria. Once your baby begins to develop teeth, you can buy an infant toothbrush for daily tooth care. Use water and a little dab of fluoride toothpaste and once your baby begin to grow more than three teeth up and down, you can begin to floss. When brushing your baby's teeth, allow him/her to spit out the toothpaste mixture as you brush and try to minimize the amount swallowed. Even when your kids begin to brush their teeth themselves, supervise the routine to ensure that they don't swallow toothpaste. Note that babies and young children are also at risk of tooth decay and tooth problems if oral care is not practiced.
Normally, babies should begin to visit the dentist from the age of one. These visits will help locate potential dental problems early enough. To avoid cavities on your baby, you should follow this oral care routine. Teach your children to brush at least twice daily, get fluoride toothpastes for them because fluoride toughens the enamel making it difficult for acid to penetrate the teeth. Also, limit your child's intake of sugary food like cakes, sweets, cookies and the likes.

Oral Care for Adults

As humans get older, living and staying healthy becomes much more important. Also, adults are at more risk of experiencing dental problems. In adulthood especially after the age of 35, people lose more teeth because of periodontal disease and not even because of tooth decay. However, this is preventable. Because adults are not immune to tooth decays and general tooth problems, to maintain good oral care, you have to practice proper oral hygiene. One of the most important things to do is to schedule a regular visit to the dentist for checkups and dental cleanings. Moreover, proper oral hygiene will involve brushing twice daily (mornings and nights before bedtime), using toothpaste that are made with fluoride, floss daily to remove plaques that can't be removed during brushing. These plaques hide between your teeth and under your gum line. If not flossed, they can harden into tartar and when at that stage, only a dentist can remove it through dental cleaning. You can maintain oral hygiene by reducing your intake of sugary, starchy and sticky food.

Where to Get Oral Care Products

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