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MP3 Players for Fun & Exercise

If you want a device that is dedicated to giving you all-day music with no distractions, MP3 players on Jumia are what you need to be shopping. Whether you are taking a jug across the street or you want to jam on some rock music while at your creative job, MP3 players on Jumia allow you enjoy your music all day without bailing on you. It's only on Jumia that you get to choose from the very best brands of MP3 players and yet still get to shop the best deals. All brands from Royal Tec to Biso to Best Star and Apple, our MP3 players are so easy to handle, even two year olds do great with them. Ad how about convenience of use? Of course, use them for any purpose you want.

Car MP3 players on Jumia are the best for your car. Traffic without music can seem like forever. Turn up some music in the car with our best price MP3 players on Jumia to make your driving experience definitely more fun than you previously thought. Our MP3 players don't only work outdoors. They are the perfect music solution for in-house parties when there's no DVD player around, and if you dare to connect one of the models we have with a Bluetooth speaker or a Bose electronic sound speaker, we sincerely hope you can handle all the fun that's to come.

Shop iPods & iPod Nanos at Lowest Prices in Rwanda

When exercising, you need only good company. Shop iPods on Jumia to help you beat what you thought was your limit. You can also shop iPods on Jumia, from earlier generation iPods to newer generation iPod Nanos as well as a range of accessories to go along with them. iPods on Jumia come in different colors and shopping them is just as easy as slotting an earphone into the ears. After buying an iPod on Jumia, you don't have to worry about how your new item gets to you. Jumia is Rwanda's biggest online marketplace; shipping 65-inch TVs across Rwanda wasn't a problem for us. Shipping your iPod to you won't be a problem either.