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Buy Speakers, Headset and Mp3 Players in Rwanda

We all love our music. Whether it is at home or on the go, modern technology has allowed us to have our music with us wherever we are and whenever we want. On Jumia we know this all to well, and we have stocked our website with some of the best equipment for your listening enjoyment. It is one of life's great pleasures, and deserves Audio technology has come a long way since the phonograph, becoming more compact and portable than ever before. Keep up to date with latest devices and get the most out of your music with high quality headphones and speakers. From gaming and communicating, to podcasts, to audiobooks and more, Jumia offers just what is needed for your personal enjoyment. On Jumia, we stock everything from headsets to boom boxes, from earbud headphones to portable speakers, and from mp3 players to home theatre systems. Liven up a picnic in the park with a battery powered speaker that can fit in your backpack. Go running with specifically designed sport earbuds. Drown out the world and get immersed in your music with top of the line over-ear-headphones. Turn your TV room into a theatre with 5 channel surround sound systems. Enjoy your audio the way it was meant to be enjoyed. No matter what your need - or your desire - you can find an audio product to suit your fancy.