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Thousands of shoppers on Jumia know that shopping for car accessories on Jumia is as easy as driving a car on autopilot. iPhone car chargers cables, card readers, car MP3 players and more, Jumia makes it easy and fun to choose the accessories that you need whether what you what you want to do is charge your phone, listen to some good music, pick phone calls while in transit or find your way around town easily.

With the variety available on Jumia, you get to shop the most affordable USB car chargers compatible with quite a range of devices including Sony, Samsung, Apple, Huawei and Apple devices. No matter what device you use and no matter how restrictive you think your budget is, shopping on Jumia allows you find the essential items you need not just for your home but now even your car.

Buy Mobile Phones Accessories for the Car on Jumia

There are thousands of discount deals on phone accessories for cars on Jumia including mobile phone holders that ensure no matter how hard drifting, swerving or breaking, your stays just in position. Bluetooth connectors, hands-frees and more on Jumia allow you enjoy music on the go, while you focus on the road ahead. Jumia already helps you save loads of money with best-price purchases across our categories. Now it's time to save costs on phone accessories for cars. Hands-free earphones and Bluetooth headset on Jumia not only save you lots of money on Jumia, they are convenient to use. And because Jumia is the biggest online marketplace in Rwanda, you get to shop for them from the convenience of your home or your phone, and we can deliver to you in no time, wherever you are in Rwanda.

Browse our full range of car accessories online to find the cheapest deals around you. If you ever feel overwhelmed by our list of products, simply use our filters to narrow your search to the exact product you're looking for. Among other things you can filter for price and you can filter by location.