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Perfumes and Colognes

Perfumes and colognes are mixtures of essential fragrant oils, solvents and fixatives - used to give someone or a place a pleasant scent. This means that men's perfume is for the sole purpose of making them smell pleasant, thus neutralizing the already existing scent or exuding the fragrance from what's on him.

Let your Scent Define your Style

Smell is the strongest sense in the body. It is connected directly to our memory and it registers odors and fragrances. Wearing a fragrance is a unique way of expressing oneself without the visual or verbal act. It's memorable and leaves an impression.
Fragrance is a non-vocal part of your style, it sends invisible explanations of your style and class. Perfumes for men literally portray who, and what kind of person they are. Using the right cologne has a lot of benefits, such as; increasing your confidence, relaxing you and stepping up your style.
With all of those incentives of a perfume, the question now is, wouldn't you want to smell pleasant so you can attract admiration from people around? Yes Of course you do.

A lot of people are cautious when it comes to fragrances. They are numerous scents that might please you and irritate the next person. The best way to protect your space is to use a scent that makes your personal surrounding smell very pleasant. It is more than just an accessory, because it not only defines the style of a person but also expresses ones mood and standards. Also can express an individual's personality. If you have no idea or you haven't used a perfume before, now is a good time to own one.

Different Types of Fragrance's

The assumption that everything that smells nice is a perfume is wrong, they are actually different types of fragrances, and they all have their unique features. Here is a short explanation of the different scents we wear
Eau Fraiche- It's the most diluted of all the fragrances. It's a mixture of 1-3% of alcohol and H20. Lasts for less than one hour. So it's not for really sunny days or when you want your scent to stay for a long while
Cologne (Eau de Cologne) - This is the first term of perfume. It's a masculine scent. This level of fragrance is light, fruity, and fresh it's composed of 2 to 4% perfume oil in alcohol and water. Presently it's used for fragrances for younger people, lasts longer than Eau Fraiche, for about 2 hours.
Eau de Toilette - The Eau de Toilette scents are created with 5-15% pure perfume dilution dissolved in alcohol. Last in moderate weather conditions for about 3 hours. To smell fresh all day long, you would have to reapply it regularly.
Eau de Partum- In the unset it was a unisex fragrance, used for men and women. It is the most common name used to classify a cologne or fragrance. It contains 15-20% original perfume essence and the perfume oil concentration is more –that makes it last for as long as 5 to 8 hours
Parfum- It is the most concentrated and costly of all the other listed fragrance options. a bit oilier. Partum is composed of a high 20-30% pure total perfume essence. Just a single application can last for a full whole day which is 24 hours.
Now this should help you next time you're on our site trying to select a fragrance.

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