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A lot of men don't pay so much attention or put any extra effort into finding the best deodorants that would suit their body, on the contrary just as you shop for soaps and detergents, the deodorants and the scent from your body says everything about you, your personal hygiene and care. Smelling fine obviously is a major player and holds a vital role in the wellbeing of a person and their everyday affairs. Deodorants aside from giving you a pleasant smell helps to kill bacteria's, reduce odor and sweat. That is why we endorse that men who participate in rigorous acts all through the day venture out to making use of pit protectors.

Difference Between Antiperspirant and Deodorants

When you step into a store, and you go to the personal care section I am sure you have noticed that they are isles for antiperspirant and deodorant. This must be baffling as most people think they are the same, you are not so wrong, because they both tackle foul odor and unhealthy hygiene, but they still have a few unique features that differentiate them. • Deodorant fights against bacteria's that grow on your skin when you sweat out proteins and fats, it cuts down body odor. if you're not a heavy sweater, a basic deodorant would work for you • Antiperspirant, while the antiperspirant aims to prevent from the start sweating and subsequent moist beneath your arms. It's meant for people who sweat a lot (keeps them dry). Some antiperspirants are produced from aluminum salts that help to temporarily close the sweat glands.

Different types of Deodorant formulas

For men that have tried different types of deodorants and for some reason it hast been working, or it used to work perfectly and all of a sudden it just stopped working. Then maybe it is time for you to try another type, just as you change your style with cloths you're allowed to try other deodorants formulas till you discover which fits best. For those that seek extra dry protection, try brands with high percentage of aluminum chloride, use before you sleep and after showering in the morning. They are best used at night so they can properly seal the gland for the next day. This formulas are all very effective, no matter what you choose; spray, stick, gel or cream , just be sure it suits your needs, are little tips to know which would work better for you:
Gels: Gels are cool, clear a warmth feel and are applied directly to your skin to reduce odor and prevent sweating. It's advisable to allow it dry after application before you put on your cloths. They don't leave any marks on your pits even after they dry. Gels are light and leave no marks on cloths, making them the best for bright clothes like whites were you don't want deodorant marks showing, though if not allowed to dry properly they might be sticky and uncomfortable for you
Sprays: Sprays this days are the most common and also the easiest to use, some people would even the most convenient to use, compared to swiping and rolling a tube directly onto your skin Sprays are best for people with under arm hair, it's a sure winner for men, most men that love to keep their masculine hair, should definitely opt for the spray. And best part is that sprays can be shared
Sticks: This ones are very refreshing, they are more expensive because they are long lasting and also contain dimethicone that soothe the skin, which is the best option for those that shave. if you have no super needs and you just want to smell and feel cool a stick would be good for you.
Creams: last but not the least creams, they come in jars and tubes, mostly seen in specialty cosmetic or skincare spots. Deodorant Creams are mainly for people who have sensitive skin. They are packed with hydrators and aluminum salts. They are recommended for people who are looking for softer armpit skin or are undergoing irritations regularly.

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On Jumia we offer you effective and Original deodorants for men that proffer rapid action, are non-irritants and have pleasant scents that last for up to 48 hours. On our site you can also find clinical deodorants if you have irritations regularly or you are a sports person. These are prescription formulas dermatologically tested and proven to not cause any sort of allergy or irritation to your skin. This clinical deodorants on Jumia are best applied at night before you go to bed, for them to be very effective. You can get different body sprays for men that provide a complete 24 hours day shield for you, making you feel revitalized and refreshed all through the day. Don't forget to also purchase deodorants sets that contain all your body essentials such as body spray, shower gel and a deodorant. We offer on our site a unique variety of body sprays suitable for all skin types. So take a pick from all these luxurious and hygienic body spray brands on Jumia and enjoy round-the-clock rejuvenation.