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Memory & SD Cards for Phones - (8 products found)

Create more Space. Get a Memory Card for your Phone.

You need additional storage capacity for many things, and Jumia makes sure to provide you with storage solution for whatever those needs are. Everything from your desktop computer to your laptop, your tablet, your camera and your mobile phone, there are varieties of memory cards to shop on Jumia depending on what device you're buying memory for. This category will help you choose the right memory card for your mobile phone, whatever brand you use.

If you're anything like us, we love selfies, and have a lot of them. This means you need the right memory size to keep up. Memory cards on Jumia are meant to deal with as much as photos as you want to keep, and since they are always affordable, you don't have to be forced to buy the lowest capacity phone memory cards.

Phone memory cards on Jumia can range from 2GB memory cards for entry-level feature phones to up to 16GB memory cards for Android smartphones to store away all you need to keep. With more storage on your phone, downloading movies, following your favourite music artistes and readily accessing important documents just got easier.

Never lose a file again with an SD Card on Jumia

Have you ever had to delete a file just because you had to make space for a another file? With SD cards on Jumia, that's now history. Shop across SD cards of various sizes depending on your needs, and never have to delete a file to make space anymore!

Although this category is truly for phone memory cards, SD cards here are still likely to work for other devices, as long as the storage capacity fits your need and the price fits your budget. SD cards on Jumia make fast transfer speeds possible allowing you save both money and time this time. Where you frequently transfer between your phone and PC or not, you can find the familiar SD cards brands you love to shop, including Sandisk, Kingston and Zoom here, including card readers and SD cards that come with adapters.