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Make Up and Beauty Cosmetics to Enhance your Beauty

Applying make up to the face is a subtle way of enhancing the facial features, making them more pronounced and beautiful. It is not compulsory to apply make up to the face, but then, even the most subtle application can make the face glow. It also goes a long way in boosting the confidence of the wearer because it hides even the littlest flaws on the face, like acne and pimples. The benefits of makeup go beyond just making one look beautiful. The glow it gives the face makes the wearer look very healthy and full of life. And now, there are easy ways to apply makeup, even a beginner can apply decent enough make up for her routine day.

There are a list of makeup products that every woman should have. These are basic items that even one who doesn't apply a lot of products on her face still needs. Some of them include:

• Make up brushes: for easy application of make-up.
• Moisturizer: so that your skin doesn't dry out.
• Concealer: to hide the blemishes and acne spots on the face.
• Foundation: creates a smooth and even surface for your make up to go on.
• Translucent powder: for that natural, not "made-up" finish.
Eye shadow: to accentuate your eyes and make them pop.
• Eyeliner: to enhance the shape of the eyes and make them more noticeable.
• Mascara: for that dramatic effect to your eyelashes, making your eyes look all the more glorious.
• Blush: for that healthy tint to your face.
Lipstick/lip gloss: to make your lips look plumper and more attractive.
• Eye pencil: to draw out your eyebrows and make them look neater and better.

There are some rules to applying makeup, especially concerning the products we use. But first, one of the most important rules of make-up application is: never wear it to bed. No matter how light your make up is, you should always clean or wash off your make-up. This is because most of the things we apply to the face clogs the pores and they don't let air get across, and because of the dirt that is being stored due to this, there is every tendency of acne breakout.

Another rule of make-up application is you must wash your brushes. The brushes are used for application and because they go directly on the face, they have to be washed at least once a month. This is to reduce the possibility of getting bacteria on the face. Also, do not share your brushes or makeup- whatever you apply on the eye or lips- with anyone. And make sure to change them when they're due for change, or when they're expired. Lastly, pick makeup that fits your skin tone. It is very important that your makeup natural and you can only achieve that with colors that are close to your skin tone.

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