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Apple's most distinct trademark is quality and innovation. Actually both terms Apple and innovation these days seem to be closely synonymous with each other. Instead of making devices around what you think you need or want, Apple believes in making devices that will cater to needs you didn't know you had. So that when you do get a deep experience with an Apple products, chances are you don't want to let go of the Apple product. So the company gets to create amazing features you never thought could, should or would ever be possible. iPhones command arguably the most attached admirers around the world who are always willing to exchange a few bucks for impeccable value. Sell your Apple phones online on Jumia and take your business to the next level.

The Apple iPhone 7 & 7plus is the newest of 10th generation Apple landmark products. No doubt, the most impressive invincible feature of the Apple's iPhone is its A7 chip with 64-bit architecture and M7 coprocessor, which means that in the areas of speed and performance, the iPhone 7and 7plus is virtually a Mac computer placed on a fitting mobile platform. The phone has a water resistance feature and comes with an improved system and graphics performance compared to the former models. The plus model also feature a new rear dual camera with improved colour options. With a fingerprint identity sensor - we can say that your iPhone really does recognise you; you can easily unlock your phone and complete purchases online without having to retype your password every single time. Sign up on Jumia and sell iPhone 7 phones online or order one for yourself.

Its 5.5 inch, 1,920 × 1,080 pixel Full HD screen resolution beats anyone's expectations even now. Order or offer iPhone any of the iphone models at great prices in better deals on Jumia. Jumia offers a safe platform for buyers and sellers to meet.