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How to Show Affection to Your Lover without Spending Money

The popular belief is that there can't be love without money. Now, let's be a little realistic here. The truth is love wouldn't be so nice without a little bit of fancy that only money can provide. However, it's not only rich men that can love now, is it? The beautiful thing about love is that with the right person, even the tiniest bit of affection is enough to keep the relationship going. The trick is to know your lover, so much that even without you buying them the fanciest things, you can still make them happy. Even before all the fancy restaurants, cars, phones and the likes, it was very possible to show someone you loved them without having to buy them the flashiest gifts in the world.

You should know that this post isn't mainly about Valentine. Although Valentine's Day is understood to be dedicated to lovers, it should however not be the only day in the year that you should show some love to your lover. This post is about how you should treat the ones you love. These are a couple of things you can do with your lover to show affection.

    1. Talk

    This is one romantic thing to do with someone you care about. Talk about the beautiful moments you've had together. Talk about the fights, even the ones that almost separated you both. Laugh over them. Make plans for how you do not intend to let issues like that arise again.

    2. Play with your lover's hair

    This might seem like a very minute act, but in fact it does go a long way in showing affection. Play with your lover's hair, stroke it and jokingly make it rough sometimes.

    3. Sing a song for your lover

    It could be at a karaoke or even in the privacy of your house. Even if you have the flu or a hoarse voice, do it. This even makes for a more fun and open relationship.

    4. Breakfast in bed

    This is a popular trick that works wonders, really. When your lover is mad at you, sick, it's their birthday or even just on a random morning, breakfast in bed would always put your lover in the right mood all day.

    5. See their best movie with them

    This is one of the greatest forms of bonding there is. You should not just see their favorite movie with them, pay attention to it and even if you don't love it, pretend.

    6. Leave love notes scattered about

    Yes, it's ok to be very mushy. Leave a note in their clothes' pockets, their handbags, and cars, everywhere. This would keep even a 10 year old relationship sizzling hot.

    7. Do some of their chores

    Ease your lover's stressful day with this little tip. Trust me; they would love you forever for it. P.S You don't need to do this every day. No point taking on more than you can handle.

    8. Massage

    A good backrub from someone you love would even be better than a spa treatment. When giving your partner a massage, just keep it simple and try not to break their back in the process.

    9. Pay attention

    Remember to ask how their important meeting at the office went, how the exam was, how the doctor's appointment went, if they have eaten. You can even ask what they ate during the day, if you do not consider that to be too cheesy but hey, it's not about you; it's about what makes your other half feel loved and special.

    10. Keep in touch all day

    A couple of texts here and there, a call in the morning or afternoon, shows your lover that he/she is on your mind even with your busy schedule.

    11. Tell them how they make you feel

    Tell your lover exactly how much you love them, at least twice a day. Let them know just how important they are to you.

    12. Cuddle

    Nothing depicts romance more than this particular kind of physical contact. This little action, without any word, says a lot.

    13. Share your food

    You shouldn't mind if she wants to eat from your food and not hers. You shouldn't get angry if she prefers your ice cream flavor after she orders hers.

    14. Learn from them

    Let your lover know that you consider some things about him or her riveting enough that you want to learn and adopt.

    15. Be consistent

    Do things to show them you care every day, not only on special occasions like birthdays, anniversaries and Valentine's Days.

    16. Give them something of yours

    Give him/her a sweatshirt, an old bracelet or wrist watch no matter how insignificant. Giving your lover an item of yours is very sweet and romantic.

    17. Laugh at their jokes

    Yes, laugh. Even if they aren't funny, laugh. You aren't dating a comedian anyway.

    18. Keep in touch with their family

    Nothing would make your sweetheart happier than knowing you care about the people that he/she cares about.

    19. Let them know how they inspire you to be creative

    If you have got an idea from something you saw them do or from what they said, tell them.

    20. Allow them to be right sometimes

    You don't always have to argue and prove your point. If it's not a life changing issue, it won't kill you to let them be right once in a while.

Yeah, these should work. Have fun showing love to your partner with these little gestures without spending a dime.
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