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High School Checklist: Must-Haves for Boarders and Day Students

When you have teenagers in your home, it seems like everything you are doing is almost wrong, buy them a bag and they do not seem excited enough, shop for socks and they just mumble a thank you more like an obligation than actual appreciation and then it gets you wondering what exactly you are doing wrong. I know when I was younger back then, my mother used to say things like 'she shopped for my back to school necessities from the store she saw most eligible parents go into.'

Even though I had some reservations on some of her choices, I felt a lot more comfortable knowing that she had made an effort to see where the in vogue parents were going, it even made me feel better when I went to school and some of the kids at school would compliment my strap bag, sandals or socks and overtime I just trusted my mother's judgement when it came to shopping for my back to school necessities. I also noticed that all the items she got were beyond durable and even came in handy long after I had graduated secondary school, all these I did not understand as a teenager but taking a look back, it makes me want to be a better child to my kids because my mother left a footprint that might seem hard to fill. Taking a look at how a decision like shopping for my back to school has made me visualise my mother in a way I did not think even though I was snobbish when she bought me certain sandals or made snicker remarks when she bought me back to school socks I did not exactly fancy, that is exactly how impactful a decision like shopping for back to school can be influential in shaping your kids so when you have the urge to buy things because your better judgement says that is the best option for them, it is best to do as your gut tells you. Maybe not in recent times but they sure will appreciate it, also there should be a balance and on that note, here are some of the relevant things your teenage children should get.

You can take advantage of discounted prices on stores online by selecting from a variety of notebooks, shoes, backpacks, pouches and wallets, crayons and other stationeries that are must haves for day and boarding students.Here in Uganda, parents are more drawn towards to the boarding schools in order to cut cost of transport and also help children focus more on their studies. Boarding students would normally have more needs since they will be away from home for at least 3 months and this can help you as a parent plan properly for the months. Cutlery set, towel, bath soap, washing soap, key holder chain, tuck boxes and more usually tops the list for boarders. Over here are different categories of back-to-school items that your children should have before resuming for the new session. We have tech, dorm supplies, groceries and school supplies.

Laptops & Tablets


Technology is the language of today and as much as it might seem a little bit excessive and can pose possible damage to our kids, it is also one of the best things that has happened to recent times and everything can be taken care of, ranging from assignments, inquiries, also giving them a platform to be IT Savvy, it is an important part of today's society therefor it will come in handy in the future, it would be a great surprise to them and also will help pave way for them not to mention that a lot of schools are making it imperative for students to own a PC, this serves both functionality and trends.

Some of the fantastic options include Hewlett Packard HP, Toshiba, Compaq, Acer, Samsung and More.

Sometimes when they state their needs, it just seems so unnecessary and excessive, but the reality of the situation is every 21st Century Kid needs these tech related products to enable them keep in touch with the society.

Pens & Highlighters

We might not exactly know this but when you buy the right kind of pen for your kids, the sentimental attachment goes a long way to prevent them from casually misplacing them or just giving them out and Ball Pen and Fountain Pens have proven to be the favourite kind of pen for teenagers. After all Teenagers want a nice looking pen that gives their handwriting a great look.

These are almost a no brainer, all teenage kids are at a point where they need to jot a lot of important details while reading or while their teachers are explaining in class and even though a mental note might be nice, highlighters come in handy at this point and keeps the brain fresh on the essence of the highlighted page or line.


Teenagers no longer care for raincoats, because evidently, that does not look so cool anymore, even though they would rather go home under the rain, but eventually they will come to see the importance of their umbrella and that can be inspired by how fancy looking the umbrella is, not just a boring long stressful looking umbrella they will never use, these days there are shorter umbrellas that they can tuck in their bags, that will make a better option to go for.

Power banks

Of course we live in the Jet age, and every teenager has an android phone or a smartphone or both and because they are known to utilise every opportunity of the phone, the power bank is by far very handy, it helps reduces the excuse of the reason they could not reach you was because their phone died.



This is a huge part of every teenager's life, they get to a point and maybe be double strapped backpacks seem boring, a sling bag is what interests them, either way, if you are looking for something that serves all purposes like a compartment for their water bottles, a section for laptops, books and after which all these are in the bag, the weight is still as light as feather, then you will be the parent of the year. Functionality is always key.

With all these in place, the other things you will need to purchase will just make the perfect combination of back to school needs but if you are still confused on what to shop to add to the list, them the Back to school category on Jumia will definitely help.