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Headsets are made to personalize sound from audio enabled devices to its user's ears, they offer direct and clearer audio pleasure from all sort of devices like the smartphone , tablet, media player or your computers. Headphones have a connection to the ears that make sound feel like it is personalized for just you. In modern time they have become necessities, headphones are now must-haves, especially for music and clear sound lovers. Ear phones are best for periods you want to listen to clear sounds without disturbing those around you—or being disturbed by them.
Earphones over the years have evolved tremendously they a lot of variety of styles and their features better than ever, Unlike the loud speakers , headphones don't differ much on functions—you plug them in, wear the earpieces in (or on) your ears, and listen. The main difference between it and the speakers is the personalization of its sound. Earphones are on a new level and to get which type suits you best, is very possible. They are numerous specifications and features that not only suit your listening pleasure, but also compliment your style.

Types of Head Phones

When selecting an earpiece, you have to take into consideration, what you want them for, and what kind of lifestyle you live, if it's just for personal musical pleasures, for exercising or for studio usage the first category of specs of head phones are the Wired and Wireless, then follows the different types .

• Wired headphones- Wired headphones are connected to devices like MP3 player, phones, and other audio device using a wire. It has excellent sound quality, no need for batteries. In addition their highly reflective cords provide greater visibility while walking or using it.
• Wireless headphones- Wireless headphones are best for sports and outdoor usage, because you don't have to connect them directly to any audio player using wires. You are allowed free movement and flexibility when you use this. With the wireless ear phones they are no wire tangles. Almost all wireless earphones are connected via Bluetooth, using a technology that digitally encodes audio and transmits sound wirelessly. Bluetooth is used most because most modern devices have built-in Bluetooth functionality —so syncing with Bluetooth-enabled headphones is easy.

There are numerous types of earphones, aside the wired and wireless, there are a lot of other features that personalize the feeling and purpose of your headsets. Here are a few of them.

In-ear Earphones (IEMs) - In-ear monitors (or IEMs) are earpieces that fit inside the ear canal. Most sport earphones fit into this category. Some of its models come with rubber or foam tips in different sizes for a sharp, safe fit. The In-ear head phones are best for passive noise isolation, and they deliver great sound quality that can rival even bigger sized headphones.

Ear buds- Feature small speakers that rest on the ridge of your outer ear. They don't deliver very high isolation or personalization of sound like the other types of headphones, but the plus side is that they are very affordable. They have been in existence for a while now, and are popular with many portable music devices.

Over-ear Headsets– some call this earphones around the ear headphones. They have a comfortable cushioned ear cup that seal the ears. They are considered as one of the best kind of earphones when it comes to sound quality, they also do a well in isolating the user from unwanted sound. This act is known as "passive noise reduction." .

On-ear Headsets- The designs look a bit like Over-ear models, with the exception that the cushions sit on the outer ear. On-ear models deliver great sound quality, it offers less bass response than over-ear models. Doesn't totally isolate outside sounds, and people that are around you might hear what you're listening to.

This various headsets have their advantages and disadvantages, depending on your preference. But they all work excellently giving you the purest of sounds, especially when you buy them from a notable market place online. Don't shop and not get satisfied, get the best or nothing. If you want the best headphones online and you want it to fit all your specifications, then visit Jumia today.

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