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Amazing Girl Sweatshirts that would keep your Child Warm

Clothes are important and although all kinds have one common goal, to cover the body, some do it better than the others. For example, a tank top is piece of clothing worn casually, especially on a rather warm day. Pieces of clothing like sweatshirts, on the other hand, are a kind of clothes that can be worn on a cold day to keep the chill at bay.

One might say that there is no difference between a sweater and a sweatshirt, because they both keep the wearer warm. While this is true, there are still some distinct features that makes one stand out from the other.

A sweatshirt is made with a heavy fabric which is finished on one side and has a soft, fluffy nap on the other side. It is designed to be worn with the finished side on the outside and the napped side close to the skin, because this is the part that traps air that helps the body to retain its heat. Now, unlike a sweater, a sweatshirt is not made of wool but mostly of cotton or synthetic fibers. Also while a sweater is knitted, a sweatshirt is sewn.

Another comparison to point out would be the hoodie. A hoodie is a short form for a hooded sweatshirt. It is basically a sweatshirt, except it has a hood with a drawstring to adjust the hood opening to fit any size the wearer wants. They are mostly used for athletic and casual wear and are also made from the same kind of materials most sweatshirts are made of.

When shopping for girl sweatshirts and hoodies, you should consider the styles of sweatshirts there are. There are basically two styles, the pullover style and the zip style. Pullovers are pulled over the head when worn, and the zip hoodies have the front split into half by a zip, as their names suggest. The pullover styles do not have any zip at all. When shopping for your child, a pullover would be a better investment so that they don't have to go through the stress of zipping up the sweatshirt. There is also no chance of them getting injured by the zip or the sweatshirt being discarded in the near future because the zip is bad.

Also consider what girls usually like, like hearts, flowers and cartoon characters embroidered or printed on the front. Also, sweatshirts with pockets in front are very favorable for keeping the hands warm as well. The material it is made with should also be considered. Most of them are made with cotton or fleece, and come with washing instructions on the tags of the clothes.

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