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Top Freezer Brands

A freezer is an appliance similar to a refrigerator which maintains a temperature below the freezing point of water. Freezers are generally used as household appliances to store perishable food items. The very low temperature of the freezer lowers the reproduction rate of bacteria thereby reducing the rate of food spoilage. They are used in homes, offices and everywhere. Here is a list of top freezer brands:
Haier: The Haier Group is a Chinese multinational company which deals in the design, development, manufacturing and sales of consumer electronics and home appliances such as computers, microwave ovens, refrigerators, freezers, televisions, air conditioners, washing machines and mobile phones.

Frigidaire: This is an American subsidiary of the parent company, Electrolux. It developed the first self-contained refrigerator in 1919, thus the name, Frigidaire. The brand was popular in the early to mid-90s and so many Americans called any refrigerator of whatever brand, Frigidaire.

GE: This is an American multinational company which deals in home appliances, power and water, energy management, transportation, oil and gas, capital, healthcare and aviation. In 2012, the company was listed in the Forbes Global 2000 as the fourth-largest company in the world.

LG Electronics: This is a South Korean multinational company, a member of the LG group and it deals in the design and manufacturing of electronics such as home entertainment, mobile communications, home appliances and more.

Panasonic: Panasonic Corporation is a Japanese multinational electronics corporation which deals in the production of electronic appliances.

Freezer Buying Guide

Investing in a freezer is very important as it helps save money on getting foodstuff. With a freezer, you can buy foodstuff in bulk and you can make meals for the week or for the next two weeks as the freezer helps store up these foodstuff and keeps them from going bad. When it comes to getting the perfect freezer for you, there are certain things which you will have to look out for.

Determine what type you want: You can either decide to get a chest freezer or an upright freezer. This choice will depend on factors like budget, space, electricity supply and others. A chest freezer is horizontal and has a top-mounted door. Ideally, it offers more storage space and it is perfect for bulk storage. Moreover, they are more energy-efficient and generally more affordable than the upright freezers. An upright freezer looks like a fridge as it is vertically placed, having a front-mounted door. This freezer is perfect for smaller spaces and with it, things stored there can be easily accessible unlike with the chest freezer. These freezers are usually more expensive than the chest freezers mainly because they freeze faster and consume less floor space.

Determine features: You also have to determine what kind of features you will like for your freezer to have. There are many features that come with different freezers. You may choose freezers that come with one or more features like defrosting functions such as manual or self-defrost, adjustable temperature control, interior and operating indicator light, lock with key for safety and limit access to the freezer, number of baskets or shelves in the freezer, freezer light, fast freeze functions, alarm for lid/door and many more.