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Food Storage

Food storage basically deals with the use of refrigerators, storage rooms and cupboards, etc to store food long enough to prevent spoilage. Here are certain things to put in order when storing your food.

• Keep all your food storage cupboards and pantries clean and check regularly for signs of insects, rodents, etc. Make sure to deal with these insects and rodents immediately.
• Wash out and clean up your refrigerator and freezer at least once a week and make sure to clean up spillages immediately.
• Highly perishable food items should be stored in the refrigerator. Do not store items like eggs, milk, cheese, meats, etc on the storage room shelf. Rather, keep them in the fridge.
• Keep cleaning chemicals away from your food storage spaces. Instead, keep them in a special cupboard far from where you keep food supplies.
• Food storage shelves should be designed to stand against interior walls. When placed against a wall, this will ensure that the storage is always cool and dry.
• Make sure not to run water or drainage pipes through places where food is being stored.
• Food should be stored in cool cabinets and away from home appliances which can produce heat.

How to Store Different Food Types

Milk: Store opened evaporated or condensed milk in the refrigerator after opening and store opened dry milk in airtight containers.

Pasta and rice: Store in air-tight container and keep tightly covered.

Vegetable, groundnut and palm oil: Store in a cool, dark place in tightly closed container.

Tips for Storing Food

• Clean your refrigerator regularly; remove spoiled foods immediately so decay from one food will not pass on to another food.
• Use moisture and vapour-proof materials such as foil, airtight containers, plastic bags, etc to package food for refrigerator storage.
• Use food quickly and don't depend on maximum storage time.
• Keep freezers clean and at zero degrees Fahrenheit or lower.
• If food kept in the fridge or freezer smells bad, throw it out.

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