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Philips Meat Mincer Hr2726/90 - 1500 Watts 2 Kg/Minute - 2 Years Warranty

Philips Meat Mincer Hr2726/90 - 1500 Watts 2 Kg/Minute - 2 Years Warranty

FRw 78,000
Future Horizonte Ltd
Future Horizonte Ltd
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Food Mills

A food mill is a kitchen tool which has the ability to mash and strain soft chunks of food more neatly and lea strenuously, at a time. This tool purees soft food; it strains fibre, seeds and skin although it isn't as versatile as a blender or a food processor.

What to Look for When Getting a Food Mill

Handle: Go for a food mill with a handle with hooks for hooking onto a bowl. This is important for hooking the tool to a bowl so milled food can fall into the bowl.

Blades: Go for a food mill which has blades that ride close to the disk.

Grab: Go for a food mill with edges that can grab as this allows the blade to easily push the food through the sieve rather than sweeping it around the bowl.

Easy to assemble: Select a food mill that is easy to assemble and also, easy to clean up after use.

Construction: Make sure the construction of the tool is sturdy enough to prevent any accident.

There are basically three types of food mills. The manual mills are used without electricity and they have a low chance of nutrient-damaging heat build-up. However, they require a lot of work. The electric mills make use of electricity to function. They are so easy to use and they are fast. However, these mills cannot function during power outages. The convertible mill can be turned from an electric mill to a manual mill and vice versa.

Where to Buy Food Mills and Grinders Online

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