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Why you need a Pair of Ladies Flat Shoes

Flats are a kind of shoes with as little or no heel as possible, hence their name. They are a good option for situations where heels might not be the best option and one still has to look classy. Contrary to what most women might think, wearing heels constantly does not define class and poise. Most women have come to believe that wearing flats do not indicate this, but the truth is, flats work just fine as well. They also take away the pressure that come with wearing heels. High heeled shoes might look beautiful on anyone and make your outfit really look classy, but constantly wearing them comes with some discomfort especially on the lower back, joints and the possibility of dislocating or spraining the ankle.

A practical lady would have one or two pairs of flats in her closet, no matter how much love for heels she has, and here's why.

• It provides the best kind of comfort: imagine having to stand all day in heels. Or run in them! The discomfort that comes with is on a high level. Flats are perfect, especially for days when you constantly have to move about or stand for a very long time. So if you have to wait at the bus-stop or walk bad roads, wear flats.
• It is practical: this has been mentioned above but it cannot be overemphasized. Even if you wear heels all the time, it is even medically wise to take a break once in a while.
• There is little to no risk of sprained ankles: there is little to no possibility of having issues at all when you wear flats. It is very possible to fall and break something when you wear heels. That almost never happens when you're on flats, except of course, you trip.
• It is healthy: it has also been mentioned above, but this is another important reason why it is good to alternate between flats and heels. If you have an issue with your feet, it is advisable to stay away from heels, at least until they are resolved. Also, heavily pregnant women are advised to stay away for the time being.

There are different types of flats and some of them, which every woman should own, are listed below.

Ballet flat shoes: these are versatile and can be worn to practically anywhere.
• Work flats: for the office environment.
• Sandals: strap-ons that are perfect for a day when you want to show off your pedicure.
• Sneakers: for a casual or sporty look.
• Flat boots: for rainy days.
• Loafers and moccasins

Flats also come in different shapes. Some of the popular ones include:

• Pointed toe: they come to a point at the front, and go well with dressy or formal outfits.
• Rounded toe: can also be worn with business or semi dressy attires.
• Low cut: popular with ballet flats, they are versatile and go well with most outfits.

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