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Flashdrives & USB Keys - (14 products found)

Get USB 3.0 Flash Drives on Jumia

Flash drives on Jumia are your best bet for easy transfer of files across devices. For light personal use of a few MB transfers and for big deal transfers of files Gigabytes big, Jumia offers a variety of options for you to shop at the best possible prices available in the market. With dozens of flash drive across brands Samsung, Kingston, Sony, HP, Adata, Imation and SanDisk flash drives on Jumia offer you all what you need.

If you work with huge data files, we recommend that you assess you needs and buy a flash drive that matches your need. Depending on the kind of cameras you use, a photographer would need larger storage files; one of our 16 GB flash drives may be perfect. Or you might need a flash drive for anything from downloading movies, keeping important e-books for school or backing up important precious data; feel free to store away on any of our secure flash drives on Jumia.

Shop Pen Drives at Lowest Prices in Rwanda

Also referred to as pen drives, you can get 4 GB flash drives, 8 GB flash drives, 16 GB and more including pen drives that have radio capability, unique designs and some with added level of security for your files. Transfers on latest technology flash drives on Jumia are fast, easy and convenient. Transfers that would previously take longer take significantly shorter. Because you need to keep up with latest technology, we make USB 3.0 flash drives available on Jumia and now it's even easier to copy, move, paste, transfer or archive all the files that matter to you – whether they are video files, music files, or pictures.

Because of the variety of pen drives available on Jumia, it's allowed for you to have high standards of a flash drive in mind while still keeping it real at a low budget. Across different colors and designs, different brands and storage capacity, what stands out on Jumia is that whatever type of pen drives you are shopping you know you are buying at the lowest prices in Rwanda.