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Get your very own Facial Care Items on Jumia

On Jumia, we know how important it is to have a beautiful, clean, glowing skin, without having to spend a small fortune on skin care. Your face is the first thing people notice about you, this is why we only commercialise facial care items of the highest quality, from creams, lotions and moisturizers to anti-wrinkle creams, eye creams, scrubbing products, facial masks, gentle peeling products and other lotions that will restore your skin's natural youthful complexion. Here you can find day creams, night creams as well as moisturisers that can easily double as make-up primers. You can erase years off your face within hours, without having to resort to any invasive, expensive and potentially dangerous procedures. Jumia puts a variety of creams and lotions at you disposal - regardless of whether you have sensitive or dried skin, we are confident that you will quickly find a skin care product that not just rises to your expectations, but exceeds them. Today's facial creams and lotions come with staggering price tags that very few people can actually afford. On Jumia, we believe in offering our customers products of the highest quality, at prices for all pockets. All our facial creams, lotions and other skin care products are original, therefore you can rest assured knowing that you have purchased genuine items shipped by some of the world's most reputable skin care manufacturers. We take pride in offering our clients the best value for their cash, along with our guarantee.