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External Hard Drives - (22 products found)

Shop for your External Hard Drives on Jumia

Ever felt held back by the low storage capacity of your desktop or your laptop? External hard drives on Jumia are your best option when it comes to pushing the limits your computer can go. With just a few bucks, you no longer have to worry that your computer has less memory than you need. External hard drives on Jumia make the best buys for so many reasons, and one is connected with how portable they are.

Since they act like extensions for your computer, their small size means that you can carry external hard drives anywhere with you across the world without having to carry your entire computer with you. They are compatible with any brands of computers including HP, Toshiba, Sony and Apple, and whether you use a Mac PC or you work with a Windows computer, our hard drives are so easy to work with, all you have to do is Plug and play.

Lowest Prices for WD External Hard Disks

Is your computer clogged up with files upon files of photos, music files, videos and other documents? You don't want to delete these files because they are precious to you, yet you would like to keep them out of your immediate view. Then what you need might be an external hard disk on Jumia. External hard disks on Jumia give you the freedom to do much more because of the additional space they afford you.

And just in case you were thinking of backing up of the files on your PC, hard disks on Jumia are up to the task as well. Shop familiar brands from Western Digital to Toshiba and lot more on Jumia. The WD Passport hard disk is known for its reliability and how easily it allows you access your files no matter how big the files you are dealing with are. You can shop as many of them as you want. Shopping external hard drives on Jumia is not just easy and sweet because of our low prices, but also because we have great home delivery services.