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How can I pay for Jumia services?

You will be invoiced at the end of the month and PAYE charges must be paid before the 21st. Sellers who will not pay their fees will be delisted from Jumia.

When making a payment, please make sure to add as reference:
  1. Seller/Shop name
  2. Reason for transaction:

    Option 1: Commission + month (E.g. Commission September) or
    Option 2: Top-up credit for Sponsored Products (E.g. SP-credit)   

Please note that without this reference your payment might not be registered by Jumia.

Payments for all services on Jumia can be made using the following options :

  • Payment can be made by bank transfer
  • Bank Name :
    GT Bank
  • Account name :
    Atol Internet services Rwanda
  • Account number :
    212 2120019358
  • Sort code :
  • Branch Code :
  • Payment can be made by check to the order Atol Internet Services Rwanda Ltd.
  • Payment can be made with mobile money at Tigo Cash, Business Account number: 20158. Enter Jumia shop name and invoice number as reference. We also propose MTN Mobile Money, the number is : 250784365917.
  • Payment can be made directly at our office, which is located at Tigo HQ, Muhima, Kigali, Rwanda.