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Buy or sell new and fairly used cars at cheap prices on Jumia. On Jumia we have high performance sedans cars that have superb gas mileage, polished and roomy interiors. Find a fuel efficient car on Jumia with excellent engine, suspension, super air-conditioning and many other important features, our trusted sellers provide sedans in near perfect condition. Discover cars with manual or automatic gear transmissions at affordable prices, purchase 138-horsepower four-cylinder engines with good performance on Jumia.

Find offers that give you automobiles with cutting edge layouts and prestigious designs on Jumia, find reliable car brands with good resale value, low maintenance and reliability such as Toyota, Kia, Volkswagen, Honda and many more. Whether you need an american or Japanese spec, we have the right options available at cheap prices on Jumia. Find power steering, power windows and doors with full design options on Jumia.

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Shop for well-rounded new and used Suvs on Jumia. Find amazing suv cars here with top level fuel management systems, impressive aesthetic interior designs, and suvs with friendly control systems carrying minimal buttons. Many suvs here come with rear-end air conditioning systems and factory fitted DVDs for entertainment like the Toyota Highlander. Check out other brands like the Range Rover Vogue, Nissan Pathfinder and lots more at affordable prices on Jumia.

Find utility vehicles here with enough head space and ample legroom, 3.5 liter V6 engine capacity or more to create up to 260 horsepower or more. Extra advantages you get on many suvs on Jumia include safety features such as anti-lock brake systems, and front and side airbags to absorb even the biggest of impacts. Whether it's fuel efficiency you're looking for, maximal speed potential, terrain manoeuvrability, family safety, aesthetics or optimum price suvs, find and buy whatever suits your driving pleasure right here on Jumia.