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The Best Kitchen Blenders for That Smooth Finish

A blender is a very important electric kitchen appliance used in the preparation of food for liquidizing solid food, like tomatoes, pepper and fruits, usually turning it into a very smooth paste. The liquidizing is done with the aid of spinning blades at the bottom of the blender which begins to spin when the blender is turned on. The first blender was made in 1922 by Stephen J. Poplawski, initially to assist soda fountains in making smooth milk shakes. Changes were made over the years and by the year 1932, blenders that could blend or puree fruits and vegetables into liquid form. Adjustments and change have then brought about blenders as we know them today.

Blenders are a necessity in the kitchen of every home now because they save the stress of having to do the old fashioned way of grinding our vegetables, i.e the grinding stone. You can blend a lot of vegetables at once if you wish to. And you don't have to spend all that money buying fruit smoothies anymore, just get your recipes online and make them yourself. Also, because these are things we consume, we usually feel safer if we have our own blender to do our work for us instead of having to go and borrow from anyone, or use a public one.

There are different types of blenders, all with slightly different functionalities.

• The traditional, or the general purpose blender, is the most popular kind of blenders. They have a steady base and pitcher-like container on top, and are generally affordable. They have different speed options to choose the type of consistency, speed level and action. They are great for making milkshakes and smoothies.
• The second type of blenders are the immersion blenders. These blenders are especially favored by chefs and bakers. It functions like the traditional blender but it has to be handled like an egg beater. It has a spinning blade at the bottom just like the normal blender, but it is more portable and easier to handle. Bakers usually use it for mixing flour and eggs together because it makes the process faster and easier.
• There are also heavy duty blenders, called food processors. These are also chefs' favorite, because of their horsepower. They can mix ingredients and turn them into spices, chop and mince kitchen ingredients with ease.

When buying a food blender, it is important to know exactly what you would be doing with it. A traditional mini blender would be good for random kitchen activities, but for more advanced cooking like the chefs do, the heavy duty blenders would just be fine.

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