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Buy Blackberry Q5, Q10, Z3, Z30 in Rwanda

Jumia is the safest and fastest way to buy or sell affordable Blackberry phones online in Rwanda. Whether you're shopping newer Blackberry phone editions or you prefer the older models, Jumia has all that you may need available for you to shop.

If you've always wished for portrait screens on your BlackBerry, the new range of BlackBerry phones on Jumia even allow you do a whole lot more than you thought possible. An optimized 720x1280 screen resolution the BlackBerry Z30 allows you to enjoy a full-screen experience like never before on a BlackBerry. Or go for a similar 5.0 inch wide screen on the more affordable BlackBerry Z3. While the BlackBerry Q10 and Q5 let you enjoy BlackBerry's traditional QWERTY keyboard + screen model which makes it easy to swipe seamlessly between apps and respond to emails on the go while keeping a face-to-face conversation with someone. And since BlackBerry phones can now install some Android apps, using a BlackBerry phone form Jumia totally feels like eating your cake and still having it. If you're already considering making a move to the BlackBerry family, don't waste further time; if you haven't thought about it before now, you should now.

Shop New or Used BlackBerry Bold, Curve & Torch Online

BlackBerry phones are known for the level of quality they afford their users, while offering phones at a good price. If affordable and original phones are what you are looking to buy, you can find great deals on Jumia bot for used and new phones. Everything from affordable BlackBerry Curve phones, to the used BlackBerry Bold phones with a touch-screen, slide-and-sleek BlackBerry Torch phones or even the luxurious BlackBerry Porsche, Jumia has you covered.

Super-fast internet and handy social media, optimized battery life, BlackBerry Bold on Jumia also allows you enjoy the thrill of being able to switch seamlessly between typing on their screen and on their keypad. Safely buy awesome BlackBerry products on Jumia from anywhere in the country and get it delivered to you at best price. Jumia helps you save money in ways you never thought possible.