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Android Phones

The mobile phone industry has advanced so much over the years. As the world evolves so are people who are arms open to receiving innovative new trends. Smartphones are in the fore front of the phone market they have proven to be up to the task, when it comes to giving users ground breaking tech. The android phone is the biggest runner with its unique innovations and features, such as gaming, graphics and super effective applications. Getting a phone is necessary, but what defines a good phone that exceeds necessity and caters to your needs as well, is the kind of phone, its operating system, the speed of the processor and its storage capacity. When all of these features are checked and are of high standard, then yes you have the right phone.

Latest Android Phones Online

Shopping for the latest Android phones, you need to shop at the right store online. There are so many models here to select from on this site. Browse through variety of new android phones with advanced operating systems like the Lollipop 5.0 OS. Our phone collections come with latest features for your every phone needs. With android phones you are assured great value. Phones from brands like Samsung come with such brilliance , with their high-technology, they are a lot more user friendly and god looking. You would also experience unique innovations with other android brands like the HTC, Lenovo, Tecno, LG phones, Infinix, Huawei and a lot more.

Smartphones on Jumia: Say Goodbye To your Old Phones

there is anything to look out in mobile technology, it is definitely the capability of newer models and its functions. Thanks to android technology our devices, now has everything to keep us connected to friends and help us to stay up to date on different trends in all spheres in society. its safe to say goodbye to the old phones, which only had the capacity to make call and texts, and welcome the android smartphones into your lives. Now you can Listen to music, surf the Internet, watch movies, and take pictures that look like real life with cameras that have super mega pixels – these are just a few of the numerous features that the new android mobile device offer. Not to forget the latest physical appearance and designs, they are sleek and easy to handle. The small screens have been replaced with a large touch-sensitive, HD resolution screens. Last but not the least most android phones allow you use a phone a still have two numbers for multi-tasking, most of the new android phones come with the are dual-SIM feature.

Where to buy Android Phones Online

Browse variety of the best Android phones in Rwanda on Jumia and enjoy the new tech and numerous features with the android phones that support BBM. On our site we offer a full list of all android phones from Samsung Galaxy Edge, Vibe k5, innjoo and lots more. Shopping with us , you are sure to find one that suits you and all your needs. Don't be stale on trends, buy all your latest Android phones on Jumia like the Infinix Note 2 or the Wiko slide 2 that comes with wide screens and sharp front cameras for pictures that don't need any filtering. Grasp this offer on Jumia for affordable androids that feature incredible functions such as clear cameras, great display screen and very high speed browsers and large storage capacity. Get on Social network and interact with old and new friends, surf the net and capture special moments with crystal clear cameras, all of this features are available on android phones sold on Jumia at very affordable prices.