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6 Popular African Attires Every Westerner Should Wear

Over the years, African countries have emulated the fashion sense and style of European countries. Some traditional rulers are seen these days putting on English wears to keep up with the contemporary trends. Some African designers have evolved into matching African fabrics to make English attires.

Some celebrities like of Rihanna, Gwen Stefani, and Madonna amongst others have been spotted rocking one or two African prints. This post will reveal to all fashion lovers, different outfits that can and should be worn in the western part of the world.

The African Buba

This attire is very comfortable and will be a good sight on any of the big American actors. It is a classy outfit worn by Africans to notable events.

African Wedding-Styled Native Patterned Dress

This outfit is so flawless and majestic, I propose it be worn by queens.

The Da'shiki

The da'shiki is already common all over the world and worn by celebrities like Chris brown and others. It's classy, free on the body and can be worn for different kinds of events.

Native Jump Suits

The good thing about African fabrics is that they can fit into any design and pattern. The african jump suits can also be worn as an english wear with a jacket or shawl.

The 'Ankara'

This is one of the most exportable products. The 'ankara' suit is so elegant and it's something that will definitely reach across all over the western fashion scene in the long run.

Dashiki Gown

This is a dashiki gown, and like the shirt it's already gone viral in Africa. This particular outfit is known to accentuate a small waist. It's definitely something that the whole world will love to embrace.